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Woodward: Danger remains because Donald Trump is at large

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Bob Woodward, author and journalist of Watergate fame, feels that danger is still out there – because Donald Trump is at large.

Woodward’s new book, “Peril,” was released Tuesday and has made a splash, chronicling the last days of the Trump administration. Co-authored by Woodward and Robert Costa, the book is based on a series of interviews, 18 of which were with former president Trump. Many of its essentials and details were discussed by CNN host John Berman on New Day, for viewers who have not yet managed to get a copy or complete it.

Much of the book is apparently breathless, shocking bombshells that have made headlines. One such nugget was an absurd scheme allegedly concocted by one of Trump’s lawyers, John Eastman, to have the 2020 election overturned via a bizarre 6 point plan that would have had former vice president Mike Pence recognize multiple slates of electors from several states. The fact that the other slates had no power was irrelevant, since the point was to have Pence disqualify electors from those states, which Eastman allegedly calculated would bring the total remaining votes into Trump’s favor. Eastman did not outright deny the memo when questioned by the Washington Post, but asserts that it simply “explored all options that had been proposed.”

The book also discusses the attempts of the Trump administration to convince key Republican leaders such as Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), by Trump loyalists such as former New York City Mayor Rudy Guliani. According to the book, Graham and others made serious inquiries into certain states about any potential voting irregularities, but dropped the matter when promised evidence of exact names and hard data was not forthcoming from the White House. Graham has since said that the election is a done deal, and that Trump needs to “get over” the 2020 defeat.

Berman, interviewing Woodward, noticed what may have been the key theme in the book, turning to the last page, where he had circled the final two words, “peril remains.” He asked Woodward why this seemed so important.

“Well, because Trump is out there. Bob Costa and I think he’s going to run again. He clearly has support; some of the polling shows he would beat Biden,” Woodward replied bluntly.

“Now, Trump is out there, we have democracy — anyone can run for president — but we know what he did for four years, and what he did is not worry enough about the people in the country, worried about his own political standing, his impulses, and I think the basic theme of our book is, his actions were not just a problem in the United States, it was a national security emergency,” Woodward continued.

Woodward was endorsed in this assertion by Costa, the co-author, who went on to say to Berman that he and Woodward “started off thinking it was a crisis, and we concluded based on our reporting it’s an emergency. That’s why the peril remains.”

 “You had the erosion of all the people around President Trump not corralling him in the presidency. That’s why we believe, based on our reporting, that the peril does remain. The system barely held together,” Costa continued. “Will it hold together again if presented with similar circumstances?”

Costa is referring to the allegedly tempestuous final days, which saw the 6th of January riots, resignations from the cabinet in the wake of that riot and the Trump administration’s response, and even Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley calling the Chinese.

Woodward has been both friend and foe to Trump over the years. With Peril, it seems Woodward has finally made up his mind – that Trump represents an existential crisis to America, who cares for nothing beyond his own prestige.


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