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Rick Wilson gets epic warning after Laura Loomer COVID-19 ‘karma’ talk: ‘You better buckle up then’

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Holier-than-thou “Never Trumper” Rick Wilson believes that firebrand conservative activist Laura Loomer coming down with the coronavirus is a sign of “karma.”

“Laura Loomer has COVID. Because karma, as she most always does, delivers,” he gleefully tweeted Friday afternoon after news of Loomer’s diagnosis broke.

It’s not clear if the sanctimonious commentator realizes that “the emotion of pleasure in others’ misfortunate is generally regarded as morally evil,” as noted by Psychology Today, a well-regarded 54-year-old magazine.

View his tweet below:

His sanctimony came in part from Loomer’s dismissal of the coronavirus as essentially fake this past year, according to The Wrap.

“Have you ever eaten bad fajitas? That will kill you faster than COVID,” she reportedly at some point wrote on Parler.

She was also equally dismissive of the coronavirus vaccine.

“I believe when a few years pass, we will see that the vaccines will have killed more people than COVID. How is a vaccine ‘saving lives’ for a virus with a 99.7% recovery rate? A bad case of food poisoning is literally more lethal than COVID,” she reportedly at one point wrote.

But while dismissive of the coronavirus and coronavirus vaccine, it appears Loomer never once expressed joy at others contracting the virus. She simply minded her business and demanded she be granted the freedom to make her own choices.

Wilson, on the other hand, is the type of person who’s wished coronavirus on his political foes and their loved ones:

He’s also the type of person who enjoys enabling pedophiles, not paying his taxes, smearing people and mocking those who’ve lost their teeth. You’d think someone like him would suffer from extremely poor karma. Why then hasn’t he suffered any consequences?

Likely because “karma” is a made-up concept frequently used by sanctimonious, holier-than-thou types as justification for celebrating other people’s misfortune.

After all, if karma were real, Wilson would be in a whole lot of trouble:

Not everybody who responded to Wilson’s nasty tweet was a Loomer fan/supporter.

One woman who made it clear she’s “not a Loomer fan” wrote bluntly that she is “not a Wilson fan” either because he’s “one of the most inhuman arseholes on earth.”

She added that if and when karma one day catches up to him, “there will be no mercy.”

She wasn’t alone in expressing this sentiment.


Wilson was a founding member of the discredited, disgraced Lincoln Project. The group came apart at the seams earlier this year after another founder, John Weaver, was outed as a pedophile.

Wilson and his cohorts have also been accused of funneling millions in donations made to the Lincoln Project to their own private firms.

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