Handful of celebs go scorched earth on Biden’s Afghan pullout; Angelina Jolie takes action

In an unlikely matchup, Bill Maher and Angelina Jolie have some common ground, each taking a vocal position on the miserably botched withdrawal from Afghanistan this week.

However, the liberal Maher couldn’t seem to bring himself to come right out and admit the withdrawal was an epic failure and instead softened his remarks that kicked off a panel discussion on his HBO show “Real Time” on Friday by attacking former President Trump, claiming “everything he did” was “f—ed up and crazy.”

He went on to assert that since President Joe Biden has been in office, “the adults are back in charge.”

Then, once the liberal’s seemingly obligatory Trump-bashing was complete, Maher laid into Biden.

“The people who know what they’re doing — the Democrats — and the pullout looks exactly … I can’t think of how it could’ve looked any different if it was Trump. Honestly,” Maher said. “I mean, how could it be more f—ed up? How could it be more incompetent? How could it be more Trumpian? So what do I say to myself when I sleep at night when the adults are back in charge and they f— it up exactly as bad as Trump would?”

Correction: He wasn’t quite done Trump-bashing.

He continued by mocking Republicans for calling on Biden to resign or be impeached and made reference to Trump’s call for the bumbling and feeble president to “resign in grace.”

“The way they turn on a dime!” Maher said. “It just shows no issue matters, it’s just what team you’re on.”

Ironically, Maher’s next statements discounted his prior one that just condemned the Biden snafu in Afghanistan and proved that liberals will try to justify just about anything for their “team,” predicting that in the future, the horrific withdrawal from Afghanistan will “look good and brave.”

“It was gonna happen, it had to happen and he was the one who f—in’ pulled the Band-Aid off,”

Jolie took a more compassionate approach in explaining her dissent to the failed withdrawal and focused on the humanitarian repercussions that are unfolding in the Middle Eastern country. In her first-ever post to Instagram, she posted a photo of a letter she said was from a young Afghan girl and explained that she had met refugees on the Afghan border just before the September 11 terrorist attacks.

“It is sickening to watch Afghans being displaced yet again out of the fear and uncertainty that has gripped their country,” the “Maleficent” star wrote to her more than three million followers. “To spend so much time and money, to have blood shed and lives lost only to come to this, is a failure almost impossible to understand.”

“Watching for decades how Afghan refugees — some of the most capable people in the world — are treated like a burden is also sickening,” she said. “Knowing that if they had the tools and respect, how much they would do for themselves.”

“And meeting so many women and girls who not only wanted an education, but fought for it. Like others who are committed, I will not turn away,” she promised. “I will continue to look for ways to help. And I hope you’ll join me.”


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Jolie also spoke out on the issue in an op-ed she wrote for Time magazine. In a much more eloquent way than Maher, she expressed her disapproval of the situation which she said ended in the “most chaotic way imaginable.”

“Whatever your views on the war in Afghanistan, we probably agree on one thing: it should not have ended this way,” she wrote.

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