New survey decimates the left’s voter-suppression arguments against voter ID

Yet another opinion poll appears to confirm that America overwhelmingly supports the idea of showing government-issued photo identification as a condition of casting a ballot in an election.

Widespread agreement that voter ID is a reasonable measure for election integrity runs counter to Democrat establishment fear-mongering or mythology about so-called voter suppression that would — according to the left — accompany showing your driver’s license or a similar document on Election Day.

Published on Wednesday, the Rasmussen poll indicates that nearly three-fourths of those surveyed support voter ID. The results were nearly identical, for example, to a poll taken by the same organization in March that also revealed that 60% of Democrats favor ID requirements. Some other polling firms have also found strong support for voter ID.

The national poll of 1,000 likely U.S. voters was compiled in early August.

If congressional Democrats ever get their way and pass the For the People Act, the legislation would practically eviscerate state voter ID laws, however.

The Crime Prevention Research Center spotted some interesting details in the poll, including pro-ID demographics and about the motivation behind those who are anti-ID:

Among the most interesting is that 72% of black likely voters and 79% of those who are neither white nor black support photo voter IDs. Indeed, support among whites and blacks is virtually identical. Regarding the claim that voter IDs discriminate again, the poor and least educated show the highest levels of support…Even a plurality of Democrats (61%), liberals (48%), those who strongly approve of Biden (54%), and those who think that it is “not at all important” support photo voter IDs (48%)…

By a wide margin, likely voters suspect the motives of those who oppose photo voter IDs, with 42% of likely voters saying that they “strongly agree” and another 18% “somewhat agree” that “opponents of requiring a photo ID to vote just want to make it easy to cheat in elections.” Only 19% strongly disagree or 10% somewhat disagree with the statement.

According to survey data, it is nearly unanimous among voters from all backgrounds that vote fraud needs to be prevented.

Last week, U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) schooled one of the Democrats who fled Texas rather than vote on the state’s pending voting integrity bill in the context of demonstrating that an adult needs an ID to function in day-to-day society. By extension, the dialogue suggested that adults don’t seem to have any difficulty getting one.

In a creative form of political legerdemain, U.S. Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) plans on proposing a bill that would require states that mandate vaccine passports to also mandate voter ID.

Most countries around the world require voter ID. Only a minority of states in our country, the world’s greatest democracy — which has experienced hotly disputed elections in which fraud was alleged — call for documentation of this kind.

Obviously, there are also allegations over the chain of custody for mail-in ballots as well as out-of-date voter rolls and associated registration procedures, among other things, which are anomalous in an industrialized democracy.

On Twitter, Rasmussen also appeared to throw shade on panicky corporate executives who denounced Georgia’s voting reform law.

Robert Jonathan


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