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Crazy brawl in Tacos El Gordo restaurant didn’t stay in Las Vegas, as video goes viral

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The traditional axiom that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas is no longer completely accurate given the accessibility of social media and that anyone with a cell phone is a content provider.

The Las Vegas Issues Twitter feed, for example, shared a video clip of a co-ed brawl that purportedly erupted at the Tacos El Gordo restaurant in that city that has since gone viral.

In what perhaps gives an alternative meaning to dinner and a show, the footage depicts some customers grappling with others and tossing chairs, WWE-style, as others look on.

It’s left unspecified as to the specific circumstances that led to the fight, including the time of day or night when the throwdown occurred.

These altercations do tend to occur when revelers arrive for a post-midnight snack on the way home from bars or clubs, although this presumption may not apply in this particular case.

Watch (*Warning for language):

Gambling hub Las Vegas ended pandemic restrictions, including social distancing requirement and occupancy restrictions, as of June 1, 2021.

Quick-service restaurants and the like around the country are hardly known to be part of a high-paying industry; indeed (like other some other commercial enterprises), they are encountering challenges getting employees to come back to work when the government is paying them more via enhanced unemployment benefits to stay home.

These kinds of disturbing encounters suggest that employees — who often valiantly intercede to break things up — might be deserving of hazardous-duty pay in addition to an hourly raise.

According to Tacos El Gordo website, “We consider all of our customers a part of our family and thank them for their support and for sharing in the success and joy.”

Obviously, no eatery can predict when erratic patrons randomly begin acting out in a violent way.

Over the past few years, fast-food restaurant meltdowns by “hangry” customers that find their way to online platforms have unfortunately become common.

Incidents both inside airport terminals and aboard planes are giving fight-clubs-with food a run for their money, however.

The Las Vegas Issues tweet prompted an opinionated response. Here is just a sampling:

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