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‘Put the pre-schoolers in charge’: Doctor’s proud of her kids for calling maskless children ‘naughty’

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For some reason, liberals often have a tendency to publicly share purported wisdom from their children that common sense suggests is completely made up as a technique to advance an ideological agenda.

Perhaps a case in point: Dr. Julia Grace Patterson, the chief executive director of the EveryDoctorUK non-profit advocacy organization and a former National Health Service physician in Britain.

Face-mask fan Patterson, whose organization sells masks for the equivalent of $17 U.S. dollars each, took to her very active and often political Twitter feed to highlight this purported anecdote:

“My little boy just said ‘some people aren’t listening Mummy. They’re not wearing masks on the bus, and they’re not socially distancing.’ His sister (who follows him everywhere) just said ‘naughty’ and nodded her head solemnly. We should put the pre-schoolers in charge.”

Data has apparently suggested that kids are less likely to be severely affected by the coronavirus. “Children have an ‘extremely low’ risk of severe illness, hospitalization and death from Covid-19, according to several large U.K. studies that back previous findings,” Forbes reported last week.

Patterson appears to be a bitter foe of the way the ruling U.K. conservatives under Prime Minister Boris Johnson are handling the pandemic response and also seems to be a critic of any attempts to privatize the country’s government-run healthcare system.

Johnson, who has faced criticism from all sides during the pandemic, is expected momentarily to lift all remaining COVID restrictions effective July 19 as long as the infection rate remains reasonable, although the Delta variant persists as an issue.

“But he’ll also warn that the unlocking will drive a new surge in cases and that people must ‘all take responsibility’ in the coming weeks to help keep infections at a manageable level, his office said in an emailed statement,” Bloomberg reported.

Government officials are reportedly still urging mask-wearing in crowded indoor locations.

Back in June, Dr. Patterson, a champion of inclusion, launched a subsequently ridiculed Twitter thread in which she implied that the “One Britain, One Nation” unifying and patriotic children’s song left her “terrified,” and to her, evoked Germany’s World War II genocidal dictatorship.

Twitter users are schooling Patterson for her social media message about theoretically putting pre-schoolers in charge of public health policy. Here is a sampling:

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