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Armed motorcyclist suspected of road rage killed in confrontation with driver packing his own heat

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A road rage incident in Texas ended with the fatal shooting of a 19-year old gun-wielding motorcyclist who allegedly threatened another driver.

On June 25, JaDerek Gray was riding his motorcycle on I-35 in Forth Worth. Witnesses say he was “lane splitting,” that is, he was driving illegally between lanes. That’s when a large SUV reportedly changed lanes and caused Gray to serve to avoid a collision.

“Man… and just a few seconds later I heard gunshots,” Isel Valenzuela told CBS DFW. “Everybody slammed on their brakes, and I was only about three cars behind where it happened.”

Valenzuela was driving down I-35 near Heritage Trace Parkway when Gray passed him on his motorcycle. Police said Grey sped past several cars before stopping on the freeway, a move that brought freeway traffic to an abrupt halt. He then approached the SUV with a handgun in his hand, according to onlookers.

The driver of the SUV allegedly instructed Gray to drop his weapon and alerted him that there were children in the car with him.  Apparently, Gray continued to approach the man with his gun pointed at him and with the driver’s life continuing to be in peril, he drew his own weapon and shot Gray several times.

(Video: CBSDFW)

“There is no doubt that he parked his bike and got off it and went up and approached the other vehicle. Now, who started it? I don’t know. Who flashed the gun first? I don’t know. But ultimately it had a tragic outcome that could’ve been avoided,” according to Valenzuela.

Valenzuela hurried to assist in treating Gray’s wounds with the trauma kit he had with him.

“The guy was in pain,” Valenzuela recalled, “saying ‘oh it hurts. I need to breathe.'”

According to Valenzuela, the police arrived about three minutes after the shots were fired. Gray was transported to a local hospital where he died. Later, the police found Gray’s handgun.

Valenzuela told reporters that he would think about this incident whenever he is on the road. He may use this experience as a lesson in protecting his own safety as it is probable that the only thing that would have stopped Gray from harming another human being would be another gun.

Some on social media understood this point as there are countless examples of people with guns stopping thugs from committing atrocious crimes such as the 22-year-old concealed carry permit holder that stopped a Tennessee church shooter after he shot 7 people.

One person remarked, albeit not politely, that Grey, “…F–ed around and found out.”

“Yea, you may want to keep your ‘road rage’ in check. Many Folks aren’t going to [be] victims anymore,” concludes another.

As this seems to be a clear case of self-defense, the driver will not be prosecuted and is cooperating with authorities. The driver was the first person to dial 911

One level headed person commented, “Looks like effective gun control. Multiple gunshot wounds with no comments about projectiles hitting innocent bystanders or other vehicles.”

Ashley Hill


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