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Attention-seeking Jim Acosta rigorously booed when he pulls old stunt with a new narrative

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Attention-seeking CNN “correspondent” Jim Acosta earned himself a loud round of boos Wednesday when he interrupted a press conference by former President Donald Trump to ask a question about the Jan. 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol.

On Wednesday, the former president visited the southern U.S. border with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to draw attention to the Biden administration’s disastrous policies.

During a press event at the border, Acosta suddenly burst out with the following unrelated question: “Mr. Trump, will you apologize about Jan. 6th?”

The president ignored him. Meanwhile, everybody else at the event burst out into loud boos, prompting the president to flash a thumbs-up sign at them.

Watch from one angle:

Now watch from another angle:

And now watch from a third angle:


Following the attention-seeking stunt, Acosta predictably jumped on Twitter to pat himself on the back and be massaged by his groupies.


The groupies, who represent CNN’s extremely small, dwindling audience, didn’t disappoint.


Acosta is indeed “legendary” … for his extremely partisan reporting and childish antics.

Last month he attacked Interior Department Inspector General Mark Greenblatt, a well-respected civil servant, for reaching a conclusion that he and his peers at CNN disliked.

The conclusion was that Trump hadn’t ordered Black Lives Matter “protesters” to be tear-gassed and cleared out of Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C., last summer just so he could have a photo-op.

The conclusion was, more importantly, a complete refutation of the narrative that the “journalists” at CNN, including Acosta, had peddled.

Then-White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tried relentlessly at the time to dissuade Acosta of his apparent delusions, but it didn’t work.

Almost exactly a full year later, the false narrative was finally debunked by a well-respected government official, but Acosta couldn’t handle it.

So yes, he’s certainly “legendary” … just not in a good way.

Trump, on the other hand, appears to be legendary … in a good way.

Using tough policies, he successfully drove a stake in illegal migration rates during his presidency. And all President Joe Biden had to do when he took over in January was simply maintain the legendary former president’s policies.

“All Biden had to do was go to the beach. If he would’ve just done nothing, we would have now the strongest border we’ve ever had,” Trump explained in his own words during his border speech Wednesday.

But Biden didn’t, and “now we have an open, really dangerous, border. More dangerous than it’s ever been in the history of our country, and we better go back fast,” the former president added.


During another event Wednesday, the former president wondered whether Biden’s failures vis-a-vis the border are the result of incompetence or malice.

“The real question is, do they really want open borders, or are they incompetent? There’s only two things. You’re either incompetent or for some reason you have a screw loose and you want to have open borders,” he said.


Vivek Saxena


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