Let’s hope Kamala Harris keeps eating ‘no’ for breakfast

Now that Vice President Kamala Harris has apparently squared away the crisis at the southern border — along with the root causes of Central American migration — […]

Biden congratulates election of new Israeli president amid agreement to oust Netanyahu

President Biden congratulated Israel’s new president on his election on Wednesday amid the potential ouster of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel’s parliament elected center-left politician Isaac Herzog to the nation’s No. […]

Biden announces new incentives, including free beer, to reach COVID vaccination goal

President Biden on Wednesday declared June a “national month of action” to take aim at the coronavirus pandemic, urging Americans to get vaccinated. Aiming to reach his […]

BPR’s top cartoons of the day: Joe Biden’s tattoo

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed this:

And once upon a time… there was truth

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Once upon a time, we woke up looking forward to stepping outside and grabbing that ole […]

Feds move to drop Capitol riot case based on false info from paid informant; ‘FBI did not bother to confirm’

In a stunning development, federal prosecutors are suddenly moving to drop all charges against Jan. 6 protester Chris Kelly whom the FBI falsely claimed entered the Capitol […]