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VP Harris Memorial Day weekend ‘misfire’ seen as fact-checker trap for conservative media

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Neither President Joe Biden nor Vice President Kamala Harris appear to, at first glance, understand the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Both drew negative attention Saturday for posting tweets encouraging Americans to enjoy their weekend. Because of the timing, the presumption has been that they were specifically talking about the Memorial Day weekend.

Look at their tweets below:

These tweets contrast with what then-President Donald Trump tweeted during Memorial Day weekend 2020.

Records maintained by the Trump Twitter Archive show that he’d retweeted the following from Vince McMahon:

However, the retweet was posted on Memorial Day itself, whereas Biden and Harris’s tweets were posted at the start of Memorial Day weekend.

This has some concerned that their tweets are a “trap” designed to lure conservatives into making an issue out of them not honoring America’s fallen soldiers.

The theory is that the two will eventually tweet about America’s fallen soldiers on Memorial Day itself, thus providing so-called “fact-checkers” with the impetus to pounce on any conservative who’d made an issue out of their original tweets.

The “fact-checkers” will basically just claim that the two had simply been talking about the weekend, as if it’s a habit of theirs to tell people to enjoy their weekends.

The theory may very well turn out to be right. That being said, patriots are still outraged, and they’ve had no second thoughts about letting the two know.


Regarding Harris, this perceived faux pas came two days after she announced that she’d convinced several major American corporations to invest money in Central American countries and urged other businesses to follow suit.

She believes this funneling of money and resources from the United  States to Central America will somehow stop the ongoing crisis along the southern U.S. border.


Meanwhile, former President Trump managed to solve it without giving away America’s goodies. He accomplished it instead by using threats of tariffs to compel America’s southern neighbors to get with the program and secure their own borders.

In Harris’s case, she refuses to even tour the border herself to at least understand the nature of the problem. Instead she’s presumed to know it all, and in presuming to know it all, she’s managed to do nothing to stop, let alone stop down, border crossings.

It’s almost as if she has no idea what she’s doing …

Vivek Saxena


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