Fair Questions: Follow the science and take your mask off

Mask Mandates have begun to be lifted across the country. But that means the politicization of masks as a symbol of liberal identity is on full display, as many vaccinated Americans continue to wear their masks out of fear: fear they’ll catch COVID, or worse, fear that others will assume they are Republican! (Seriously.)

But on today’s episode of Fair Questions, Matt speaks with Dr. Monica Gandhi, a professor of Medicine at University of California San Francisco about how and why masks became a symbol of the liberal political identity. Dr. Gandhi, herself a democrat, is disheartened in her own parties failure to follow the rallying cry they popularized: Follow the Science.

For the last year, Republicans were called science-deniers for questioning the societal impact of masks and other COVID-19 mitigation tactics. But now, the Mainstream Media is allowed to question the CDC with impunity, openly calling the guidance too much, too soon. Matt cuts through this double-standard on Fair Questions.


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