To mark Mother’s Day, Jill Filopovic calls on those who regret having kids to speak out

One millennial that seems to lack a moral compass wants “birthing persons” to speak out, possibly even pen an essay about how they regret having too many kids, having kids too early, or even having kids at all.

Maybe it could be titled, “I wish I had aborted you.”

Really, what better way could parents show their kids love and encouragement and ensure they grow up as well-adjusted, strong individuals?

Jill Filipovic, a self-proclaimed writer, lawyer,  author and, apparently, flaming feminist, tweeted her call for people to speak out about their regrets about having children. To her credit, she was biologically specific when she put her call out to both men and women, failing to use inclusive liberal language that doesn’t exclude people based on their perceived feelings about their gender. Language such as “birthing person” or “vulva owner”.

She appeared confused by the backlash she received from her tweet, calling it a “total meltdown,” and calling the reactions “insane.”

Below are some of the “insane” reactions:

Filipovic appears to make her living on outrageous statements and radical thoughts.

In what seems to be the self-licking ice cream cone of liberal media, she apparently became a 2019 International Women’s Media Foundation Fellow and received two Society of Professional Journalist Sigma Delta Chi awards. However, she fell short in her bid for a One World Media Award, apparently being put on the shortlist but not actually receiving the award. She still lists it as an “accomplishment on her website.”

She may be best known for her book Ok Boomer, Let’s Talk: How My Generation Got Left Behind, which she apparently wrote so the Baby Boomer generation would better understand Millennials. No evidence was immediately found to support whether or not a single Baby Boomer has bothered to read the book with a title that appears to insult their entire generation.

Ashley Hill


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