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Cindy McCain rejects transparency, calling ongoing Arizona election audit ‘ludicrous’

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Cindy McCain, the widow of late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), has a beef about her home state of Arizona conducting an election audit.

Yes, that’s right: McCain has a problem with a process that at a minimum will provide transparency to the public. She has a problem with a process that has the potential to either restore faith in the election process or the potential to reveal election fraud.

She must have a hard time sleeping at night worrying about this “ludicrous” process.

“Listen, this whole thing is ludicrous, quite frankly. It’s ludicrous,” said the so-called Republican who was censured by the Arizona GOP last year for endorsing President Biden in the last election. “And this also comes from a state party in Arizona that refused to be audited themselves on votes that were cast within their own party communications.”

Her remarks were in response to a loaded question by CNN host Jake Trapper on “State of the Union” last week. Tapper asked for a response to the “bizarre episode” going on in Arizona.  Watch the whole interaction below:

(Video: CNN)

“The election is over. [President] Biden won,” she added. “I know many of them don’t like the outcome, but, you know, elections have consequences,” she continued. “This does not surprise me, you know, that things are just aloof and crazy out there right now with regards to the election.”

The Arizona Senate hired four auditing firms to examine around 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County due to several voting irregularities noted during the Nov 2020 election. Despite Democrat’s efforts to put a halt to the audit, a judge ruled that the process can continue.

McCain’s comments echo those of Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) who in a CNN interview last week also called the audit, “such a farce.” She also indicated that she wanted the brakes put on the election audit.

“A group of Republicans are continuing to try to appease their base who refuse to accept that… Trump lost Arizona and that he’s not the president anymore.” Hobbs said.

Election integrity is a difficult concept for Democrats to grasp.  While red states are busy trying to shore up their election laws to ensure a fair election, Democrats are actively opposing these efforts. Most recently, Biden and his liberal posse supported the MLB moving the All-Star game out of Georgia after they passed the so-called ‘racist’ voter ID law.  According to the radical left, black people are too challenged to get driver’s licenses.

Responses on Twitter seem to suggest that the left-wing nuts can’t stand the idea of transparency in the Arizona election.

Others tweet reflect what many Republicans are thinking.

Whatever the results of the election process are at least there will be transparency, whether the left likes it or not.

Ashley Hill


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