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TX lawmaker Troy Nehls calls Kamala Harris out for new border ‘excuse’: ‘It’s not COVID and you know it’

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A Houston-area GOP congressman is calling out what he considers in-denial Kamala Harris for excuse-making about not yet visiting the southern border for a first-hand look despite Joe Biden putting her in charge of the humanitarian and law enforcement crisis in the region.

The already vaccinated Harris told CNN’s Dana Bash in a softball interview that an in-person visit is on hold for the time being because of vaguely alluded to “COVID issues,” but the lawmaker insists that’s a poor excuse.

Seizing upon the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid the area doesn’t fly, as it were, according to U.S. Rep. and ex-sheriff Troy Nehls, because the pandemic hasn’t stopped Harris from “jet-setting” around the country touting Biden’s so-called infrastructure plan.

Harris still hasn’t held a press conference about the crisis either. In the meantime, officials from both parties have visited the area as illegal crossings have soared to a 15-year high and have caused detention facilities to practically burst at the seams.

“So, no, this isn’t COVID, Kamala, and you know it. You just don’t want to visit the southern border because you know what you’re going to hear. You’re going to hear from the Border Patrol, Department of Public Safety, Immigration, small-town mayor[s], and everyone that lives along that southern border that you are doing a horrible job,” Nehls told Steve Doocy and the Fox & Friends crew.

“You’re in complete denial, and you need to fix the southern border. That’s what she would hear if she visited it. So she’s gonna use the excuse, like everything else, COVID.”

“It is a poor excuse. But what else was she going to say? She’s got to come up with some excuse. And COVID just seems to be the word of the day every day and probably for the next several weeks or months. They don’t know how to handle this, quite honestly,” Rep. Nehls insisted.

He also pointed that so-called COVID issues are a huge risk for Border Patrol agents on the front lines of this crisis, especially given the purported lack of testing.

Watch the interview embedded below:

(Source: Fox News)

The solution, according to Nehls, is to reinstate President Donald Trump’s orderly immigration procedures such as the Remain in Mexico policy, finishing the border wall, and reinstituting a ban on catch and release.

All Harris has to do is call Trump on the phone, and he will provide needed advice, he added. “That’s how we solve this problem. And it could be done today.”

Trips to Guatemala and Honduras are reportedly on Harris’ itinerary instead.

The Biden administration, which threw open the border to illegal migrants upon taking office, is putting Central America, rather than America, first, the lawmaker asserted.

In the runup to Biden’s address to Congress on Wednesday night, Rep. Nehls chided Biden for continuing “to just placate that far-left freak show of his” rather than actually embracing previously promised bipartisanship.

Earlier this month, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd claimed that Harris is ducking responsibility for the crisis because “If she goes to the U.S. border, people are going to expect her to fix the problem, so she avoids it. That’s disgusting because that’s putting politics ahead what’s best for this country.”

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), among others, mocked Harris for recently visiting the “wrong” border state of New Hampshire. The purpose of the trip was to shore up support for the 2022 reelection of Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan.

About the New Hampshire visit instead of the border, Harris claimed that she was not about playing political games.

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