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‘Al Capone wouldn’t leave home’: Chicago attorney, law prof speaks out on crime in Windy City

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Northwestern adjunct law professor and attorney Andrew Stoltman cited notorious gangster Alphonse Gabriel Capone while discussing unsafe conditions in the city, but not like you might expect.

“Al Capone wouldn’t leave his home if he were still alive,” Stoltman said, in response to the violence in Chicago streets.

Riots have erupted in several major cities across the country, including Chicago, following law enforcement’s release on Thursday of body cam footage and 911 calls related to the death of Adam Toledo. Toledo was a 13 year old who was shot by a police officer in Chicago on March 29. The teen had possession of a gun and dropped it just before he was shot by the officer.

According to Stoltman, crime is running “amok” in  Chicago.

“We had 769 murders last year alone up from 450 the year before, and guess what? This year it’s only going to be worse,” he said, adding “our executives, our leaders have gone soft on crime, and that’s really, really tragic.”

Stoltman goes on to predict there will continue to be a rise in crime until the state leaders get tough on crime.

White House press secretary Jan Psaki reacted to the body cam video of the Toledo shooting, calling it “chilling.” Although she didn’t consult with President Biden prior to providing further comments she stated the video was a reminder that unnecessary force is used far too often.

Stoltman acknowledge that “obviously it’s tragic anytime a 13 year old gets shot.” But in response to Psaki’s comments he stated, “One of the best things that could have happened is that we have this videotape because now we know what happened. And nobody who isn’t pandering to the left can say that shooting wasn’t justified because it was.”

(Video: Fox News)

Regardless of whether the shooting was warranted given the circumstances, protestors are using the footage to bolster their cries for police reform and to defund the police but not everyone agrees with their woke ideology.

The Chicago Sun Times reported that last weekend in Chicago there were a jaw dropping and tragic 28 people shot, including 4 deaths. Some wonder where the protests are for these tragic deaths.

Earlier this year, the Examiner reported that after Portland ‘defunded’ the police, there was a 2000% surge in murders.  Despite such blatant statistics showing the real effects of defunding the police, the woke left will likely continue to pursue policies not based in reason or facts.

Ashley Hill


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