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Occupied Portland ICE building set afire by left-wing extremists during Saturday night insurrection

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Left-wing extremists reportedly set a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building on fire during another insurrection Saturday evening in Portland, Oregon.

Horrifying video footage from the insurrection showed the facility’s entrance on fire and its doors shaking as agents were “trying to apparently get out.”

Besides trying to burn down the facility and kill those inside, the left-wing extremists also reportedly launched fireworks at the building, lit a fire in its driveway and smashed its windows.

Yet as of Sunday morning, not a single media outlet in America save for Fox News had even taken note of the insurrection. Even local media outlets in Portland appeared to be ignoring it.

See footage from the scene below, and decide for yourself whether this deserves more scrutiny (*Graphic content):

The insurrection came only weeks after Multnomah County’s left-wing commissioners submitted a letter to the Biden administration asking that it stop using tear gas against so-called “peaceful protesters.”

“Over the past year, tear gas has been deployed by law enforcement agencies on multiple occasions in response to protests across Multnomah County, including in residential neighborhoods and parks. This indiscriminate use of chemical weapons does not just affect protestors, but also harms neighbors who are unwittingly exposed in their own homes,” they wrote.

The letter may be seen below or accessed here:

Multnomah County Commission… by V Saxena

Yet there appears to be no record of the commissioners ever saying anything about left-wing extremists harassing locals, intimidating drivers and vandalizing property — something that occurs rather frequently in Portland.

Case in point:

Dovetailing back to the insurrection Saturday, armed federal agents and local police officers eventually started fighting back with pepperballs.


When federal agents responded similarly during the extremely violent riots in Portland last summer, Democrats and their media allies cried foul.

Fast-forwarding to the present, with a Democrat now in control of the federal government, Democrats are pressing the Biden adminstration for answers about the so-called “problems” inherent in the government’s response last summer.

In a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secreteary Alejandro Mayorkas sent last month, Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee questioned the legality of the then-Trump administration using federal forces to quell the riots.

While they didn’t specify their precise concerns, Democrats and their media allies had spent all of last summer complaining about federal officers using tear gas, flash bangs and pepper balls to rein in the devastating riots.

To this day, they still maintain the same narrative of the police being the bad guys and the violent, sometimes murderous rioters being the good guys.

In a Twitter thread posted last month, Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee portrayed the rioters as “[p]eople wanting good things to happen” and claimed they were treated unfairly compared to the Jan. 6th rioters.

FYI, besides being charged (versus released), the Jan. 6th rioters have also allegedly faced beatdowns by jail officers.

View Lee’s thread below:

Like all her Democrat colleagues on the national and state level, Lee has no history of speaking out in defense of all the people who’ve been victimized by the left’s beloved extremists.

Vivek Saxena


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