CNN chyron reads ‘fiery but mostly peaceful protests’ with blazing Kenosha backdrop

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Against the backdrop of Kenosha, Wisc., in flames, CNN still insists that the protests are “mostly peaceful.”

Underneath an on-the-scene report amidst the chaos from CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez, the so-called worldwide leader in news (alternatively “the most trusted name in news”) ran a chyron that read in what might be an unintentional pun that “fiery but most peaceful protests after police shooting.”

Despite what in-denial studio producers claimed in the labeling, Jimenez pointed out in the video clip embedded below that behind him was one of multiple locations in Kenosha that were on fire.

In the daytime, he added, protests were “largely peaceful,” but that after it got dark, “things began to get a little bit more contentious.” He asserted that the events reflected the “anger and frustration” about what’s been playing out across the country between the police and citizenry.

Civil disturbances erupted after a Kenosha police officer shot Jacob Blake, who may or may not have been unarmed, seven times in the back.

Blake is hospitalized in serious condition and is paralyzed. An investigation by several law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin is ongoing.

The Kenosha unrest has also left two protesters dead after they were shot and killed by an alleged vigilante, who authorities have charged with murder. Another man was wounded in the incident.

As exemplified by CNN or similar news outlets, the liberal media has generally adopted the mostly peaceful mantra to describe demonstrations against police brutality that have devolved into rioting, looting, assaults, and arson during the overnight hours in U.S. cities.

Democrats run most, if not all, of the locales such as Minneapolis and Atlanta where police misconduct has recently occurred.

Kenosha’s longtime mayor, moreover, is a Democrat.

After first turning him down, Wisconsin’s Democrat Gov. Tony Evers has accepted President Trump’s offer of more National Guard troops to restore order in the city.

It is fundamentally unclear how agitators destroying the property owned by innocent citizens and business owners or engaging in general lawlessness or anarchy addresses the police misconduct issue.

Twitter reacted to the fake-news chyron presented by CNN. Here is a sample:

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