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Trump names firebrands as future of the GOP: ‘The Republican Party is stacked’

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In an interview with Fox News’ Lisa Boothe for “The Lisa Boothe Show” podcast on Monday, former President Trump played kingmaker and named the GOP movers and shakers who potentially represent the future of the Republican Party.

Among those tapped were Sens. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Rand Paul. Also included were Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, and Arkansas gubernatorial hopeful Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

On the debut of Boothe’s podcast, Trump was asked who he saw as the up-and-coming leaders of the GOP. “Well, I think we have a lot of people, we have a lot of young, good people,” he stated. “Ron DeSantis is doing a really good job in Florida and I think Josh Hawley has shown some real courage in going after Big Tech, you know they go after him. Josh is terrific.”

“And, you know, somebody that’s been really terrific is Ted Cruz. He and I had it out for a while, actually, we were very close,” Trump said in reference to their battle during the 2016 presidential nomination process.

“Even during the campaign and then it got nasty, the press would say, ‘When’s the nastiness going to start?’ I said, ‘Don’t worry, it’ll start.’ And then it got very, very you know, rather violent and vicious, but then it simmered down and he’s been great,” he noted.

There were others whom Trump named as well as he expressed his faith in the depth of the Republican talent pool.

“And Rand Paul has been great. A lot of people, I mean really a lot of people have been terrific. Sarah Huckabee is going to do great in Arkansas. I think that Kristi Noem has done a terrific job. A lot of very good people, really very good people,” the former president continued.

One not mentioned was Mike Pompeo, who is also seen as a strong contender. And others are lining up including Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, and Tim Scott.

Trump triumphantly declared, “The Republican Party is stacked.”

Then the interview got around to the 2024 presidential race and whether Trump would run or not. He said he has not decided on that yet. But if he doesn’t run, Trump has backup: “Some of the names I guess I just mentioned, perhaps, and others” would no doubt be potential nominees.

“I’ll make that decision sometime later, but there’s a pretty deep bench,” he added.

“If you look at the polls,” Trump said, “they love the job that I’ve done. We had a 97 percent approval at CPAC and 97 percent approval on policies and different things.”

The 2024 presidential nomination is ostensibly Trump’s for the taking as a majority of Republicans would undoubtedly throw their support behind the former president. But prospective candidates are already waiting in the wings in case he doesn’t.

With numerous strong individuals who could take the helm of the party, the Republicans do not lack leadership. In a makeover of the Grand Old Party, the former president has changed the face of politics and is now naming those who will lead Republicans into the future.


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