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How did a journalist’s sexual threats against a GOP lawmaker’s wife get into print?

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Reacting to threats he’s received allegedly from a freelance journalist, Democrat turned Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew says that “you can do anything that you want to me, you can say what you want, you can disagree with me, you can threaten my life, but I will not tolerate that for my family, my wife, my children, my grandchildren, and that’s where the line is drawn in the South Jersey sand.”

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures” on the Fox News Channel, embedded below in two parts, who described the situation as “an incredibly chilling story,” the lawmaker from New Jersey added that he is discussing a path for legal recourse with his attorneys including the possibility of pressing charges as well as suing in civil court.

“This cannot be the new norm for America, for America journalism; it is just intolerable. It’s gonna hurt our society; it’s gonna make us worse and more violent to actually think that these are things that can be printed in the newspaper or in any media,” Van Drew declared.

As an accompaniment to a press conference last week alongside Cape May County Sheriff Bob Nolan, Van Drew released a threatening voice mail allegedly left by the journalist on his home phone apparently after the lawmaker objected to the certification of Election 2020. Van Drew was in Washington, D.C., at the time, so his wife played back the disturbing message.


(Source: Fox News)

The columnist also allegedly threatened sexual assault against Van Drew’s wife in an article inexplicably published by the Ocean City Sentinel where the man was a guest contributor.

In the phone call in question, the journalist allegedly said that “As a member of the New Jersey Press Association, I will do everything in my power to ensure that you are deposed, if not dead. Anything that I can do to basically get you out of office, I will do. You are a traitor, Jeff Van Drew, and you deserve the fate of all traitors.” (The group has subsequently denied that he is a member.)

Making matters far worse was the above-mentioned column published in the local paper, Van Drew explained to Bartiromo.

“Not only did he threaten me, but he threatened my wife literally to sexually harass her…this man is a freelance reporter and does work for the Ocean City Sentinel, and what we found out afterward, what really bothered me after we got the death tape, was that he was writing op-eds, editorial stories, for this newspaper and in them, they contained all this violence and filth.

“So in those official op-eds that went out in thousands and thousands of newspapers, he said literally how would my wife feel if she was grabbed by her crotch, picked up, and slammed down on the car. How would the tickle feel. He said that I was a traitor, and traitors deserve to be executed.”

“He said that my home should be stormed, how would I feel my home was stormed, and my family was violated. He actually said it in print. And an editor and publisher allowed that, and thought it was okay. That’s unbelievable,” the congressman noted.

(Source: Fox News)

The paper has since apologized and retracted the story, but how it made it through the editorial process in the first place is still uncertain.

As a side note, Van Drew’s home phone presumably has an unlisted number to avoid such calls, which should have been unavailable to the public.

Bartiromo punctuated the discussion by wondering what happened to all the unity promised by Joe Biden even as China becomes even more of a world power.

“Were in a bad place. We’re on the precipice.  I’m telling everyone the future of democracy and our republic is in all our hands, and we must come together, and we must  reverse course,” Van Drew asserted. “We can’t go this way or we’re gonna lose the greatest nation, the shining light of the whole world. I worry about it every single day. This is the real deal; this is not a joke…[China is] laughing at us; the other day they said we were stupid and weak.”

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