Miss him yet? CNN viewership reportedly craters after Trump leaves office

CNN, which largely has trafficked in anti-Trump conspiracy theories as its standard editorial policy, has reportedly collapsed in TV viewership since the ex-POTUS moved to Mar-a-Lago, including with drastic losses in the all-important primetime hours.

From averaging 2.5 million viewers running from Election Day through Inauguration Day, “CNN has averaged only 1.6 million primetime viewers from Jan. 21 through March 15,” Fox News reported, based on Nielsen Media Research data.

The so-called Most Trusted Name in News experienced a 36 percent drop during the 8-11 p.m. Eastern time hours in the post-inaugural period. In the advertiser-coveted 25-to-54 age group the viewership decline was even worse at nearly 50 percent.

President Trump’s repeated predictions that media ratings would tank without him in government office appears to have proven to be accurate inasmuch as it turns out that propping up Joe Biden is evidently not good for business, with millions of viewers voting with their remote. CNN President and Trump foe Jeff Zucker had already announced that he is stepping down in December 2021.

“CNN averaged 3.1 million primetime viewers from Dec. 28 through Jan 20, but it plummeted to 1.6 million from Inauguration Day to the present for a drop of 49%. When it comes to the key demo, CNN lost a staggering 58% of its viewers during the same time frames. CNN also lost nearly half its viewers among the total day audience, too,” FNC added.

The channel’s tedious and predictable left-wing content, which is evident even with casual surfing, is one thing.

CNN recently discredited itself even further when obnoxious, grandstanding anchor Chris Cuomo, who repeatedly gave the now-scandal-ridden New York  Democrat governor a megaphone to pat himself on the back about the stellar way he responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, announced he “obviously” could no longer cover his big brother because it was a conflict of interest.

To the likely relief of travelers, effective March 31, CNN will no longer be force-fed into airport boarding areas, either.

Fox News also took a hit immediately after the election for reasons that are well known but has since rebounded after a lineup change, plus the continued dominance of ratings and content powerhouse Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch, Rupert’s son, claimed at a recent industry conference that “Fox News will see its ratings ‘really improve from here’ as the network plays loyal opposition to the Biden administration for ‘at least the next four years,'” the Daily Mail reported.

Robert Jonathan


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