Triggered BBC reporter covering CPAC mistakes Christian flag as 2nd ‘official’ flag of Confederacy

In now-deleted tweets, a reporter for the British Broadcasting Company claimed that he spotted a Trump flag that somehow resembled the second official flag of the Confederacy flying outside the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando. Savvy social media users quickly responded that it was a Christian flag instead.

This erroneous conclusion perhaps gives an entirely new meaning to the term false flag.

In a follow-up tweet, BBC Senior North American reporter and Texas native Anthony Zurcher, whose Twitter bio indicates that he “explains U.S. politics to Brits,” seemed to acknowledge that it wasn’t a banner, as it were, for accuracy. The backup Confederate flag circa 1863 was known as the “Stainless Banner.”

“Deleting an earlier tweet about what looked like a Trump flag at a rally outside CPAC, but may have been the Christian flag that had gotten partially wrapped around its poll,” Zurcher wrote, with a misuse of the word “poll” instead of pole.

Corporate media journalists have a tendency to cover right-leaning news events with a preconceived narrative, especially but not limited to when there is any potential connection to President Donald Trump. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story, as the saying goes.

The BBC is a left-wing network roughly equivalent to NPR in America that is primarily funded by an increasingly controversial television license fee levied on U.K. residents.

Twitter set the record straight. Here is a sampling:

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