Meghan McCain blasts media bias: ‘The only way to become a good Republican is to become a Democrat’

Meghan McCain slammed media bias on “The View” Tuesday, stating that they think “the only way to become a good Republican is to be a Democrat” during […]

Even Netanyahu’s political rival is backing away from Lincoln Project support, may cancel contract

After reportedly hiring four members of the Lincoln Project to advise him in his campaign for prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu’s main rival is distancing himself […]

Gov. Noem explains how Biden canceling Keystone pipeline is ‘devastating’ for South Dakota families

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem criticized President Joe Biden’s decision to arbitrarily cancel the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, saying several smaller communities in her state […]

Biden says no to progressive dream of $50K student loan forgiveness: ‘I will not make that happen’

President Joe Biden apparently did not get the memo from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., that the radical left “cannot take no for an answer” when it comes […]

Tucker compares reporters covering Biden to ‘North Korean gymnastics team celebrating Kim il-sung Day’

In a scathing editorial, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson slammed the corporate media, which he characterized as the most corrupt institution in America, for its fawning […]

Fmr Vanderbilt professor rips ‘diversity, equity, inclusion industry’ as the ‘greatest threat’ to America

“The greatest threat to American society today… is coming from the diversity, equity, inclusion industry,” warns retired Princeton University and Vanderbilt University Professor and author Carol Swain. […]

Trump honors Limbaugh: ‘There aren’t too many legends around. But he is a legend.’

Former President Trump broke his radio silence and called into Fox News for his first interview since leaving office to pay tribute to Rush Limbaugh after his […]

Larry Kudlow apologizes for bad words on hot-mic slamming Kamala Harris for vaccine plan claim

Former Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow appeared on “America Reports” on Fox News Tuesday where he was caught on a hot-mic swearing at Vice President Kamala Harris’ […]

Times have changed but the mob remains the same

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. In 1838, a twenty eight year old member of the Illinois House of Representatives named Abraham […]

Florida’s DeSantis shares stats the nation needs as he’s eyed for 2024 presidential possibility

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday defended his decision to keep schools in his state open during the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, citing statistics and data purporting to […]

Nielsen TV ratings introduces new tool that will measure on-screen diversity

The Nielsen television ratings have introduced a new tool it will use to gauge whether persons of color are represented on screen in proportion to their percentage […]

Candace Owens confronts Capitol riot lies head-on, beginning with pipe-bomber

Conservative political commentator Candace Owens is raising important questions about events that took place in the nation’s capital on Jan. 6, beginning with the two pipe bombs […]

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