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Biden admin touted as ‘refreshing’ as WaPo is busy investigating ‘who scoops the poop.’ I think we know!

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Left-leaning journalists and publications spent an inordinate amount of time and resources during the four years of the Trump administration attempting to expose scandal, misstatements, and corruption. But some observers online believe those same outlets and writers seem far less interested in holding President Joe Biden’s administration similarly accountable.

In fact, as social media users have begun to point out, leftist journos not only appear to be increasingly focused on so-called ‘puff pieces’ about the Bidens, but are also noticeably content with allowing the new administration to self-define what is and is not accurate.

Two examples were discussed online over the weekend.

In the first, users mocked the attention paid by the Washington Post and other liberal writers to the fact that the new first couple brought two dogs with them to the White House after four years without a pet (former President Trump did not bring a dog or a cat, which seemed to be a triggering event for some Washington journalists).

“Crucial moment for most new administrations: Biden dogs, Major and Champ, both German Shepherds, arrived at White House yesterday,” tweeted presidential historian Michael Beschloss, whose posts make it clear he is no fan of former President Trump.

“Wonderful to finally have a President of the United States who does not use the word ‘dog’ as an epithet,” Beschloss added.

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin also made several posts celebrating the arrival of the Bidens’ two German Shepards.

“Dogs are officially back in the White House,” she tweeted last week along with a link to a Post story reporting on the development.

The recent tweet is in line with several previous posts from Rubin in which she complained that Trump’s White House was devoid of canines.

Meanwhile, Rubin’s paper also ran a story proving “answers” about a dog’s life in the White House, generally speaking. The story featured a photo of former President George W. Bush cuddling on a couch in the Oval Office with his dog, Barney — though the Post’s coverage of Bush in general, when he was president, was negative.

“Who fills the water dish, rubs the bellies and scoops the poop? Can the pups just pop into the Oval Office?” The Post story began.

“Biden killed thousands of jobs last week but please tell us ‘who let’s [sic] the dogs out,’” Heritage Foundation policy analyst Ana Rosa Quintana wrote in response to the Post story.

Meanwhile, WaPo fact-checker Glenn Kessler commented on the “refreshing attitude” of Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain after he said “we won’t always get it right” but that the administration will try to be as honest with Americans as possible.

“This is a refreshing attitude. I also appreciate the Biden WH’s quick response to fact-checking questions,” said Kessler, whose paper resourced an entire fact-checking operation during the Trump years that he managed — though the Post has said it has no plans to maintain a similar operation focused on President Biden’s White House.

CNN media analyst Brian Stelter made a similar comment in response to a story broadcast by his own network in which White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the Biden administration promises to share “accurate information.”

“(How refreshing)” Stelter wrote.

Both responses were met with derision and skepticism.

In a separate post, Kessler said his newspaper was indeed fact-checking Biden.

Jon Dougherty


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