Teachers Union downplays tweet: ‘Push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism, and misogyny’

In a now-deleted tweet, the Chicago Teachers Union claimed that, without evidence, “the push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism, and misogyny.”

After scrubbing the needlessly politicized message, which could be a super-spreader of divisiveness, from the social media platform after most users gave it a failing grade, the union followed-up by citing nuance. “Fair enough. Complex issue. Requires nuance. And much more discussion. More importantly, the people the decision affects deserve more. So we’ll continue to give them that. Appreciate the feedback of those truly in the struggle.”

Over the objections of the union who claim that the scenario is still unsafe, Chicago schools — which have been closed since March — plan to reopen in early 2021, although parents can opt-out and have their kids continue with remote learning.

The reluctance to return to the classroom is usually rooted in health concerns rather than identity politics, but for the left, pushing a woke political agenda, rather than education in all of its dimensions, is always the goal. Against this backdrop, big-city school systems have a reputation for failure. Teachers’ unions are also among the Democrats biggest supporters.

Not just in Chicago, but educators — if that term still applies — across the country, who are still getting paid, seem reluctant about going back to work inside the schoolhouse, even as distance learning has turned out to provide limited effectiveness.

The left in general likes to insist on following the science in the context of COVID-19.

Teachers or their union representatives may or may not be aware though, that CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield has testified that for K-12 students, school is one of the safest places they can be amidst the pandemic. Similarly, Dr. Anthony Fauci has opined that schools should reopen or stay open with appropriate safety protocols because they are a low-risk environment for the spread of the virus.

Twitter users blasted the union for its divisive tweet, including U.S. Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) who wrote “This kind of insane and divisive attitude is hurting children across the country. We know children do better in the classroom. We know the steps we can & must take to keep students & teachers safe. Every parent should have a choice about in-person or virtual learning. Full stop.”

Other users weighed in in response to the original CTU tweet. Here is sample:



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