Video purportedly shows vulgar protester SPIT in NYC officer’s face as she screams obscenities

A purported anti-Trump protester was taken into custody after allegedly spitting in an NYPD officer’s face on Wednesday night in an encounter caught on cell phone video.

The woman, 24, who was not wearing a mask at the time, screamed “F*** you, fascist” before she allegedly spewed the saliva. Based on the 22-second clip, the officer calmly listened to the tirade before grabbing her and making an arrest.

The suspect “and her comrades were among the mob of left-wing, anti-cop protesters who clashed with police in the West Village, lit garbage on fire, and screamed at diners outdoors, cops said. Sixty people were arrested,” the New York Post reported.

The unrest was preceded by a reportedly mostly peaceful “count every vote” demonstration earlier in the day.

The suspect, identified by several media outlets as Devina Singh, is charged with obstruction of governmental administration, violation of local law, and harassment, according to the Post. Cops released her on a desk appearance ticket.

Parenthetically, Trump supporters and any fair-minded American want every legal vote to count, which is an important distinction that seems to be getting lost in the post-election chaos.

“Officers said Singh — from Pennsylvania, which is at the center of the election uncertainty — has previous arrests for unlawful assembly and resisting arrest, and is now facing several fresh charges,” the Daily Mail claimed.

Watch the video below that has 4 million views so far:

As an aside, some foes of the police in similar demonstrations that have occurred all across the country in the past several months seem to be unhesitatingly emboldened to get in the grill of officers, even while accusing them of police brutality and harboring fascistic tendencies.

Reacting to the New York City incident, left-wing Twitter expressed the view that the cop acted inappropriately. Others disagreed:

The Post is separately reporting that another woman twice punched a high-ranking NYPD officer in the face while he was trying to make an arrest during an anti-cop protest in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park on Wednesday night.

Authorities charged her with the felony of second-degree assault.

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