‘Spare us the moral preening’: Trump campaign criticizes Biden after calling president’s supporters ‘ugly folks’

Mary Rose Corkery, DCNF 

The Trump campaign criticized Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden after he called Donald Trump’s supporters “ugly folks” during a rally.

“Dr. Fauci, called for a mask mandate last week,” Biden said during a Friday campaign speech in Minnesota, the New York Post reported. “This isn’t a political statement like those ugly folks over there beeping the horns. This is a patriotic duty for God’s sake!”

Trump supporters outside the event were honking car horns through Biden’s speech.

“Joe Biden’s staffer who tweets for him tweets about ‘decency’ all the time,” the GOP’s rapid response director, Steve Guest, tweeted. “Yet when Biden speaks, he regularly insults Trump supporters.”

“Last week, Biden called Trump supporters ‘chumps,’ now, he calls us ‘ugly folks,’ Guest continued. “Spare us the moral preening, Joe!”

“I’d rather be Team Ugly Folks than an anti-vaxxer,” Erin Perrine, the Trump campaign’s director of press communications, tweeted.

“These guys are not very polite, but they’re like Trump,” Biden said at the start of his speech, the New York Post reported.

“But look, they’re going to be OK. We’re going to take care of them as well. We need to come together. We need to fight for all these folks,” Biden continued, The New York Post reported.

The Trump campaign and the Biden campaign did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s requests for comment.

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