Piers Morgan says he was cancelled abruptly by CNN after he nailed networks for burying Biden news

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Piers Morgan claims that he was uninvited by CNN because he accused the Biden-boosting U.S. corporate media during a Fox & Friends interview of hyper-partisanship over efforts to downplay or outright censor the scandal involving Hunter Biden’s overseas business deals that allegedly may implicate Joe Biden.

“After this interview aired, my book-promoting appearance on CNN’s @ReliableSources this Sunday – which they had pursued me for weeks to do – was abruptly cancelled,” the London-based Daily Mail editor wrote on Twitter. Morgan’s new book Wake Up serves as a warning, ironically, about the cancel culture that he argues is a form of fascism that threatens free speech.

Masquerading as a media criticism show, CNN’s “Reliable Sources” is a reliably Trump-and-Fox News-bashing platform that fair-minded people would consider the epitome of hyper-partisanship.

Host Brian Stelter — who was previously ripped, coincidentally on British media, by Washington Examiner journalist Susan Ferrechio for arrogantly and hypocritically refusing to cover the Biden issue — claimed, however, that Morgan wasn’t actually canceled. It just part of the vagaries of the TV business as necessitated by the need to make room for an interview with the executive editor of the Associated Press.

“We had to make multiple changes today to fit in a newsmaker: The exec editor of The AP. Yes, I wanted to book you a month ago, and hope we can still have that conversation. As you know, TV booking is complicated and ever-changing! But there’s no conspiracy afoot,” Stelter wrote in response to Morgan on Twitter. Morgan clapped back, “As Joe would say, C’mon Man.”

In the Fox & Friends exchange, Piers Morgan asserted that journalists intent on discrediting the purported Hunter Biden/Joe Biden corruption scandal are “revealing themselves to be hyper-partisan.” He also noted that no denials have emerged from the Biden team about the veracity of the emails or that the laptop belongs to Joe Biden’s son.

“Let’s be completely clear, if we swap Hunter Biden’s name for Donald Trump Jr., do you think all these journalists would be talking in the way they are about these New York Post revelations?… Journalists should have a duty, if they’re impartial, to investigate it with the same aggression and enthusiasm they would investigate it if the name Biden was switched for Trump.”


Morgan also praised Trump’s debate performance as more measured and presidential than the first time around.

On a similar theme, Piers Morgan previously told FNC’s Tucker Carlson that it shouldn’t matter if a particular media outlet is pro- or anti-Trump. The lack of media coverage about the Biden allegations compounded by Big Tech censorship constitutes “one of the most extraordinary collective suppressions of freedom of speech” that he has seen.

A former Celebrity Apprentice winner (where he developed a personal relationship with Donald Trump) and replacement for the Larry King on CNN (2011-2014), self-described liberal and gun-control-advocate Morgan is one of the few media personalities in the U.K. who has treated now President Trump fairly. Piers nonetheless says he disagrees with the president on many issues.

As host of Good Morning Britain on TV as well as a Daily Mail columnist, he has vehemently opposed political correctness and identity politics, which are generally the subject of his new book. He’s also an outspoken critic of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. Unfortunately, Morgan seems to have gone off the deep end with COVID fear-mongering.

Some Twitter users are not buying Stelter’s insistence that TV booking is complicated. Here is a sample:

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