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NASA to work with ‘diversity, inclusion, and equity experts’ to evaluate cosmic nicknames

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The SJWs have apparently landed at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The U.S. space agency has announced that it is dropping cosmic nicknames for planets, galaxies, and nebulae that it considers insensitive, objectionable, unwelcoming, and possibly “actively harmful.”

The Eskimo Nebula (officially designated as planetary nebula NGC 2392) and the Siamese Twins Galaxy (NGC 4567 and 4568) are the first to go.

‘”Eskimo’ is widely viewed as a colonial term with a racist history, imposed on the indigenous people of Arctic regions. Most official documents have moved away from its use,” NASA explained in a press release.

From now on, NASA will only use International Astronomical Union nomenclature when it deems an unofficial nickname inappropriate. In the context of social justice, the science is settled.

Diversity/inclusion considerations will guide cosmic object terminology henceforth, NASA added, even for “seemingly innocuous” nicknames.

“The Agency will be working with diversity, inclusion, and equity experts in the astronomical and physical sciences to provide guidance and recommendations for other nicknames and terms for review.”

NASA also indicated that the nickname reexamination initiative is part of its effort toward addressing what it described as systemic discrimination throughout the scientific community.

“NASA did not specify why it chose to scrap the name ‘Siamese Twins’ in its statement, although the term has long been viewed as offensive because it unfairly ties the birth defect of conjoined twins to the region of Thailand, formerly Siam,” the Daily Mail recalled.

In the last few months in particular, corporate America has gone through a torrent of name-changing over concerns about racial insensitivity.

Although NASA’s decision won praise from some social media users, it failed to take off with many others who concluded the whole situation is just another form of woke virtual signaling, with space as (maybe) the final frontier. Here is a sample of the Twitter response.

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