Dem Rep. Ayanna Pressley to Congress: ‘BLM is a mandate … It’s time. Pay us what you owe us’

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Far-left House Democrat Rep. Ayanna Pressley, a black woman, delivered a brief speech Thursday in which she called for America to “[p]ay us what you owe us.”

By “us,” she meant black people and by “pay,” she meant reparations.

Listen to the whole speech, or fast-forward to the :45 second mark:

The incendiary remark was part of a wider statement pertaining to the Justice in Policing Act, a police reform bill that’s been championed by Democrats.

FYI, Senate Republicans drafted their own police reform bill, the “Just and Unifying Solutions To Invigorate Communities” (or JUSTICE) Act, though it’s been ignored, downplayed, belittled and demeaned by their Democrat colleagues.

“Madam Speaker, I rise today on behalf of every black family that has been robbed of a child. On behalf of every family member that has been forced to see their loved one lynched on national television. Driving while black. Jogging while black,” Pressley’s speech began.

“Sleeping while black. We have been criminalized for the very way we show up in the world. Under the harsh gaze of far too many, my black body is seen as a threat, always considered armed.”

Actually, she’s already admitted that she only represents those “brown faces” whose political views align with her own radical ideology, meaning in effect that she doesn’t represent so-called “Uncle Toms” and “coons” like the ones seen below:

“Centuries of institutionalized oppression will not be undone overnight, for racism in America is as structural as the marble pillars of this very institution,” the congresswoman continued.

“With the power of the pen we must legislate accountability, dismantle these systems, and move in the direction of justice and healing. The Justice in Policing Act is a critical step forward and I applaud the leadership of the Congressional Black Caucus.”

Notions of institutionalized oppression and systemic racism toward blacks are a myth, as has been explained in-depth in this piece here.

“But our work is unfinished,” Pressley concluded. “There is a rallying cry in communities across the nation. Black Lives Matter is a mandate from the people. It’s time. Pay us what you owe us. Our black skin is not a crime, it is the beautiful robe of nation builders. Thank you, I yield.”

Fact-check: FALSE.

President Donald Trump’s election victory was a mandate from the people. Black Lives Matter is a radical Marxist movement that’s hoodwinked a disturbing majority of the American people into believing its goals are just and noble. They’re not.

As to the meaning of Pressley’s “pay us” remark, while it was originally up for interpretation, she later clarified herself in a tweet by revealing quite clearly that what she wants — what she’s demanding — is for reparations to be paid to blacks:

Who would pay for these reparations? While the congresswoman didn’t provide an answer, far-left commentator Nikole Hannah-Jones — a New York Times contributor who once called the “white race” “barbaric devils” — suggested every American citizen whose ancestors didn’t experience slavery in the U.S. should be liable.

“Reparations are not about punishing white Americans, and white Americans are not the ones who would pay for them. It does not matter if your ancestors engaged in slavery or if you just immigrated here two weeks ago,” she wrote Wednesday.

And so even immigrants who came to America from countries whose slums make the “ghettos” of America look luxurious in comparison would be forced to pay?

She claimed the “federal government” would be the ultimate payer.

“Reparations are a societal obligation in a nation where our Constitution sanctioned slavery, Congress passed laws protecting it and our federal government initiated, condoned and practiced legal racial segregation and discrimination against black Americans until half a century ago. And so it is the federal government that pays,” she wrote.

The problem is that the federal government is funded by taxpayers …

These growing calls haven’t been well-received on the basis that, among other things, no living black man or woman ever experienced slavery, reparations have already been paid via a wide assortment of special perks and privileges including affirmative action, and three, plenty of whites died fighting to end slavery during the Civil War.

See some of the backlash to Pressley’s speech in particular below:

The latter Twitter user had a point. Given all the damage that’s been incurred by the Asian community because of racist, pro-black affirmative action policies, couldn’t the argument be made that they’re owed reparations from blacks? Just sayin’ …

Vivek Saxena


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