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Hispanic Trump supporter demands reparations on the spot from protester informing him that he’s oppressed

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When it came time to cough up — if that term is even appropriate in the COVID environment — actual cash in the form of reparations, a man, apparently among the throng of protesters milling about outside the Tulsa Trump rally decided to take a pass.

Upon being told by the protester that he was definitely oppressed, a Hispanic Trump supporter wearing a “God, Guns, and Trump” T-shirt took it to the next logical and satirical level: “I’m a minority, give me my reparations…give me my money.”

The other guy was only willing to give the Trump fan “a promise” of reparations.

All talk, no action, as President Trump might say in another context. In general, liberals like to spend other people’s money, in the form of confiscatory taxation, rather than their own.

The video of the exchange (embedded below) has since gone viral.

Speculation has emerged that the Democrats might officially propose reparations for America’s history of slavery in their party platform as part of the nomination process of Sleepy Joe Biden as their presidential standard-bearer. The California assembly has already advanced a bill to study the idea of paying reparations to black families.

“America First, all the way, Bro” the Trump fan, who appeared to be a merchandise vendor, declared to some other apparently hostile onlookers one of whom inexplicably asked the vendor where “his daddy was from.”

The patriot responded that his father was from America and that his grandfather served in WWII and his dad in Vietnam.

“Babies lives matter,” he added, among other things. [Warning for language]


The encounter attracted a lot of attention on social media. Here is a sample:

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