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Gingrich: Twitter treading on thin ice, it’s not fact checking when using left-wing source to get left-wing version

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Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich blasted Twitter for “fact-checking” President Trump’s tweet about fraud in the Democrat vote-by-mail scheme and warned the social media network it is courting disaster buy pursuing anti-conservative censorship that could result in government intervention.

To say the least, President Trump didn’t like it much either, accusing Twitter of stifling free speech.

“I think Twitter is going down a very dangerous path and if they are not careful, they will become a regulated public institution rather than the totally free entrepreneurial institution,” Newt Gingrich asserted.

In an appearance with Sandra Smith on the Fox News Channel show America’s Newsroom, Gingrich also highlighted conservatives should be concerned that Silicon Valley, where Twitter, Facebook, and Google are all headquartered, is “one of the most radical left-wing parts of America. And they expressed that in their biases.”


Gingrich also explained that the Twitter so-called “get the facts” fact-checkers actually got their facts wrong when you consider the source.

“What Twitter called fact-check was not true. They went to left-wing publications to get a left-wing version. The president is correct; we have seen a lot of theft of vote, we have seen a lot of mail being lost. There are all sorts of challenges with going through an all-mail program for voting. For Twitter, it’s otherwise just false.”

The executives and managers running these influential online platforms immerse themselves in a far-left, politically-correct bubble, Gingrich added.

“You look at some of these people, and they are totally out of touch with every day America and I think that at some point they are going to run a real risk of having some interventions that frankly I don’t want to see happen, but you can’t have free speech dominated by an institution which is determined only to allow its side to speak.”

“That’s what all three of those institutions, Facebook, Google and Twitter, have a track record of becoming more and more anti-conservative, so it’s not just President Trump, it’s anybody in America who has a traditional value or a traditional sense of patriotism or a sense of American history. All those are under siege in those social media groups.”

(Source: Fox News)

In addition to the censorship issue that permeates social media, Twitter, in particular, has been accused of shadow-banning tweets and individuals that don’t comply with liberal virtue signaling, artificially trending hashtags that promote a liberal or radical agenda, and throttling trends that reflect favorably on the conservative ideology. In addition, Twitter has suspended right-wingers for often vague terms-of-service violations that are seldom, if ever, applied to users on the left. Politically motivated de-platforming and de-monetization have also occurred on Google-owned YouTube and Facebook.

Yesterday, President Trump took to Twitter to warn that the administration “will strongly regulate or close…down” social media platforms if they silence conservative voices.


An executive order from the president pertaining to social media is also imminent.



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