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‘Thanks Obama’ gets hijacked after he finally plugs Joe Biden

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With former President Barack Hussein Obama having now finally endorsed presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, tens of thousands of Americans have taken to Twitter to thank him. Except that many of their thank you notes don’t look at all like you’d expect …

While it’s true there are some Americans who’re genuinely thankful at Obama for intervening in the 2020 race at the very last minute, there seems to be an inordinate number of Americans who’re rather peeved with him. And to top it off, this disdain is extraordinarily bipartisan.

For example, here are numerous clearly left-wing Americans “thanking” Obama for pursuing policies that were exceedingly un-“Progressive” (*Language warning):

This group of Obama critics represents the leftmost corner of the deeply fractured Democrat Party. These are, in effect, deeply disappointed Bernie supporters who want to upend the current system and lead a revolution against the establishment.

Thanks to Sen. Bernie Sanders withdrawing from the race and then endorsing the establishment candidate, however, their dream just ain’t happening.

On the other side of the aisle are conservatives peeved at Obama for being a complete hypocrite and pursuing policies that were radically far-left in nature.


And then, of course, there are some Democrats who are genuinely thankful over Obama’s objectively horrendous legacy and his last-minute interference in the upcoming election.

For these people, many of whom boast blue checkmarks, suspiciously enough, the former president will always be the most perfect living being in human existence.

Look (*Nauseousness warning):

“I see the Trumpists/Berners (they’re indistinguishable now) are pushing #ThanksObama, but I am happy to do so without irony. He was, by far, the best president of my lifetime,” the latter Twitter user wrote.

Actually, there was in fact much irony to his statement, given as Obama was demonstrably the “worst president ever elected.”

Vivek Saxena


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