South African Muslim lawyers call for Obama’s arrest

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The Muslim Lawyers Association in Johannesburg has called for the arrest and prosecution of President Obama for war crimes and genocide when he arrives in South Africa later this month.

The MLA has taken issue with and seeks justice for victims of Obama’s “drone strike policy” that has “resulted in massive losses of innocent lives in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan,” the group’s press release stated.

The association filed a formal complaint, named the “Obama Docket,” calling for Obama’s arrest with the National Director of Public Prosecutions and the South African Police Services, according to the statement.

Specifically, the MLA is asking “for USA President Barack Obama to be investigated, charged, arrested and tried in a South African Court for War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity and Genocide.”

The press release reads, in part:

In terms of the ICC Act, diplomatic immunity is not a defence and a Head of State is not immune from prosecution for the aforementioned crimes. The Complaint asks for Obama’s arrest when he enters South Africa or the securing of his attendance at a trial by other lawful means.

In the alternative, the complaint requires South Africa as a State Party to the Rome Statute, to refer the case to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court at the Hague to exercise Jurisdiction in terms of the Rome Statute.

The Obama administration’s Drone programme which has resulted in massive losses of innocent lives in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan. The programme is responsible for extra-judicial killings both innocent civilians as well as US citizens abroad. The drone strike policy has continued unabated with total disregard for territorial sovereignty and this is cited as the primary reason that Obama should be investigated and tried for War Crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

The large number of well documented civilian deaths are said to constitute international crimes and the complaint refers to numerous International Reports which have documented evidence on the USA drone policies. Other crimes cited include extra judicial renditions and torture.

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62 thoughts on “South African Muslim lawyers call for Obama’s arrest

  1. Dane says:

    Great please take him and we will give you Biden, Polusi, Reid, Boxer, Finstine. McCaan, Graham, Carney, and a whole host of others. Lock them all up and throw away the keys you will be doing the country a big favor.

  2. Spencer says:

    For once in his life HUSSEIN Obama did some thing right and the Muslims are upset. Until now they have been his biggest supporters!!!!LOL

  3. noah says:

    Stop looking at bush to be a scapegoat for obamas every action. Look at obama for who he is. Judge him what he has try and justify the actions of obama by looking back at bush and saying "well bush did it". You didnt like it when bush did it so why has it become an excuse for obama to do it? You would think that if you didnt like one man doing it you wouldnt like the next man doing it. Stop being so hypocritical. Obama has continued what bush has done and in many cases went 6 steps further. A case can be made that bush genuinely did things in the defense and interest of America. The same case cannot be made for obama if looked at objectively.

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