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Hannity talks geographical strategic approach to reopening America: We can’t shut down like this again

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Sean Hannity says it’s time to reopen America and let workers go back on the job in a way that is safe and constitutional, and that some areas of the country should get the green light immediately.

In an opening monologue Wednesday night in which he called for the gradual end of the lockdown and restarting the economy, the Fox News host also noted that the models and projections for infection rates and fatalities relied upon by the experts advising President Trump and other government officials appear to have substantially overestimated the facts on the ground.

“We can’t allow America’s businesses to wither on the vine and die. There are parts of this country with a very low incidence of COVID-19 that likely — yeah, we can open those areas probably now.” As May 1 approaches, he characterized some geographical reopenings as a “no-brainer,” provided careful measures are put in place to avoid a rebound in infections.

“We have to open up the economy in a way that prevents future outbreaks and immediately contains them, but also protects your civil liberties, your Constitutional rights,” Hannity continued. “One reality we must all understand and accept: Rebounds of the virus will happen. Not if they happen. It will happen. One thing that can’t happen, is we can not shut the country down like this again.”

Hannity called for a comprehensive approach that balances public health requirements with putting America back to work. New paradigms include contactless digital thermometer testing for employees as they enter the workplace as well as increased availability of antibody screening and the continuance of social distancing in some manner at the workplace.

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As a result of this crisis, America’s employers may also be more receptive to allowing staff to work remotely, which would contribute in many instances to increased productivity, depending upon the industry.

For the record, Hannity’s highly-rated FNC show has presented solid reporting on COVID-19, the Russia collusion hoax, and other key issues.

The coronavirus pandemic has crushed America’s once-booming economy and caused unemployment to skyrocket and forced many small businesses to close their doors, likely permanently. It’s obvious that a nationwide, one-size-fits-all quarantine is not sustainable for very much longer.

In a separate form of optimism moving forward, the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidance that enables essential workers in such industries as healthcare and food supply, previously exposed to the coronavirus to return to work if they show no symptoms (i.e., asymptomatic) and exercise proper precautions.

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