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Media quick to echo Eric Holder’s hit piece on ‘unfit’ AG Bill Barr

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Because the mainstream left-wing establishment media seem to lack any sense of impartiality when former President Barack Hussein Obama’s self-professed “wingman” published an op-ed this week trashing Attorney General Bill Barr, some of them rushed at the chance to uncritically share his words with their respective audiences.

MSNBC led the pack, with host as Mika Brzezinski, a woman described by Wikipedia as a “journalist,” bobbing her head in agreement Thursday as, one by one, her fellow guests and speakers all agreed with everything Obama’s “wingman” had written.


Obama’s self-professed “wingman” was former Attorney General Eric Holder, a man who routinely functioned more as the former president’s top henchman versus the country’s top law enforcement officer.

In a bid to protect both the then-president and his allies, Holder repeatedly lied to Congress, avoided prosecuting certain bad actors, stonewalled certain investigations, was held in contempt of Congress and much, much, much more.

But you won’t hear any of that on MSNBC.

Nor will you likely hear it from The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman:

Nor CNN analyst Max Boot:

Nor The Atlantic’s David Frum:

Nor NBC News national security contributor Frank Figliuzzi:

Nor anybody at HuffPost:

Nor The Washington Post fact-checker Sal Rizzo:

Nor even some at Fox News:

For them only one narrative appears to exist: Eric Holder good, Bill Barr bad.

The notion of nuance and, more specifically, of the two being wildly different men with differing but arguably equally valid ideological bends and agendas is simply anathema, it would seem, to anyone viewing the world through a partisan lens.

The same appears to be true of Holder, whose op-ed offered a glaringly partisan overview of the current AG’s actions in office. To hear him tell it, Barr is a “naked partisan” political hack “unfit to be the attorney general.”

As for those Obama administration officials who erred time and time again in their handling of the investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign, they’re all heroes, including presumably even disgraced former FBI Director James Comey:

It’s not “slander insults and lies” to rightly note that, according to Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s just-released report, the FBI and DOJ did screw up “bigly” when trying to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court warrant against the president’s campaign operatives.

So much so, in fact, that Horowitz has since reportedly launched an audit of how the department obtains its FISA warrants.

But none of this appears to be of any concern to Holder, who like his media allies only seems to view one side of the grand picture.

For those who perceive things more clearly, however, their response has been, well, different:

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