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‘Retract!’ Trump demands CNN correction over claim he still uses personal cell phone

Trump on phone oval office
President Trump rubbished a CNN rumor that he still uses his personal cell phone for work. Where was CNN’s outrage when Hillary Clinton smashed 13 government-issued cell phones and five iPads with a hammer? (Official WH photo by Joyce Boghosian)

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President Donald Trump trashed “Fake News CNN” and demanded a retraction over the flailing cable network’s claim that he still uses a personal cell phone for work.

Trump tweeted:  “Fake News CNN is reporting that I am “still using personal cell phone for calls despite repeated security warnings.” This is totally false information and reporting. I haven’t had a personal cell phone for years. Only use government approved and issued phones. Retract!”

Reminder: CNN blithely looked the other way when Hillary Clinton smashed 13 government-issued cell phones and five iPads with a hammer during her tenure as Obama’s Secretary of State.


In a classic disinformation tactic, CNN cited speculation that Ambassador Gordon Sondland might have used a cell phone to call Trump as an example to blame Trump. How is that Trump’s fault?

“Several former US officials have told CNN it is highly likely that US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland’s cell phone call to Trump from a restaurant in Ukraine over the summer was picked up by intelligence agencies from numerous foreign countries, including Russia.

Normally, a US ambassador talking to the President would do so from the embassy using a secure line, one former intelligence official told CNN.”

In response to Trump’s tweet, CNN “journalists” who had floated the rumor responded by saying: “We stand by our story.”

Of course, the left-wing network still stands by the Russia collusion hoax (which imploded) and continues to push the sham impeachment.

CNN russia mueller
In March 2019, a dejected CNN panel hanged their heads in disappointment when Robert Mueller’s final report concluded that there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. (screenshot)

The Democrats’ impeachment stunt is backfiring in spectacular fashion, both for the Democratic Party and left-wing networks like CNN that have made impeachment the focal point of its hourly “news” coverage.

Over Thanksgiving week, CNN’s ratings tumbled to a three-year low during the network’s wall-to-wall coverage of the public impeachment hearings. During the prime-time hours from Nov. 25 through Dec. 1, CNN’s average viewership got steamrolled by Fox News:

  • Fox News:  2.2 million viewers
  • MSNBC:  1.3 million viewers
  • CNN:  643,000 viewers.

“It was CNN’s worst performance in nearly three years and the liberal network’s worst turnout among the key demographic of adults age 25-54 in over five years,” Fox News pointed out.

This underscores that even CNN’s left-wing viewers are fed-up with impeachment.


The latest polls indicate that Independent voters — whom the Democrats are targeting to vote Trump out of office — are ignoring the impeachment hearings.

According to a new YouGov poll, only 19% of Independents say they are “very interested” in watching the impeachment hearings. In contrast, 46% of Independents say they are “not interested at all” in seeing the hearings.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson told his viewers to remember this week because that is the turning point that marked the beginning of the end of the Democrats’ fantasy to oust President Trump from office.

“For a brief moment, the founders of our country are useful to the left, so they are being presented as heroes. Enjoy it while it lasts,” Carlson said. “Is anyone else enjoying this? Adam Schiff’s ‘somber approach?’ That’s what Nancy Pelosi would like you to recall for the past couple of weeks and appreciate the ‘dignity’ that the bug-eyed lunatic from Burbank brought to this process.”

(Source: Tucker Carlson Tonight)

Carlson continued:  “If you watched the proceedings, you’ll remember it really was like being in the room as Alexander Hamilton composed ‘The Federalist Papers,’ a tribute to representative government. [The Left’s sham impeachment] is a tsunami of falseness that threatens to drown us all! Save that tape. When Donald Trump gets reelected, we will have tangible evidence showing how exactly it happened.”

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