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Alleged WH insider anonymous author vows, ‘Trump will hear from me in my own name’ before 2020

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Someone claiming to be the anonymous author of “A Warning,” a not-so-flattering behind-the-scenes look at the Trump White House, participated in the “Ask me anything” subreddit, where users of the site were able to ask him or her whatever they wanted.

Naturally, there were some people wondering whether the user in question was actually the person connected with the book, as it would normally be impossible to tell one “Anonymous” from another. But a senior moderator claimed this: “the publishers of his book assure us it’s the same guy and we have no reason not to believe them.”

User “tafor83” then proceeded to ask the question that is on everyone’s mind: “Why be anonymous instead of showing accountability so there is trust?”

The response:

A massive debate ensued with people wondering whether “Anonymous” should liken their tactics to that of the Founding Fathers, one user calling the poster a “coward” for not using their own name, and still another demanding the author testify before Congress as part of the impeachment hearings if they truly believe Trump is a threat.

But the most interesting response from the alleged author of the White House tell-all came when they promised to out themselves to the President before the 2020 election. “Ty Webb” asked the poster “Why do you have so little integrity to come out publicly and speak?”

While there was a massive number of questions and responses, the majority of which are worth scrolling through, (“Anonymous” actually suggested that talking politics at Thanksgiving is a good way to affect the 2020 election) the common thread was clear: Outrage. Not at the author for attempting to leak secrets and personal notes from the White House, but at the author for writing a book, getting paid, and not testifying in the impeachment hearing.

From the number of “F-bombs” dropped in this thread, it would appear that “Anonymous” doesn’t have an ample pool of friends in the general public. They have angered both the right and left with their behavior, and the chances that this will change once they put their name out there as promised are extremely slim.

Particularly egregious to users was the assertion that the only way to remove President Trump was the voting process.

“The only credible way to stop Trump is at the ballot box–and by a convincing margin. He has to be defeated badly enough that Republicans will recognize they cannot support Trump’s claim of voter suppression, or tampering, or fraud. He will never willingly acknowledge defeat and will fuel conspiracy theories for years to come. That will be dangerous for the country, so we’ve got to deprive him of those arguments with decisive electoral action.”

To many, this implied that impeachment was not going to be successful, or that it wasn’t a legitimate and constitutional process. Naturally, this prompted more anger from people who may very well likely view impeachment as their only way of removing Trump from office.

It’s beginning to look increasingly like “Anonymous” is a non-factor in the minds of conservatives and liberals alike, with neither side able to pin down an exact motive and therefore unwilling to take him or her seriously in their version of events. If that’s truly the case, it doesn’t bode well for Democrats come 2020.


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