‘#The80sCalledAnd …’ Twitter has much-needed fun with hashtag

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With politics being as turbulent as they are today — the left being more rabid that at any time in American history — thinking back to the 1980s brings a sense of comfort.

At least, the trending hashtag #The80sCalledAnd seems to suggest as much.

And this is while keeping in mind just how adamant liberals were then in opposing President Ronald Reagan. But even there, Democratic Speaker Tip O’Neal knew the value of compromise, as the two old Irishmen found a way to coexist.

Some will argue that Reagan would soon be curtailed by the political class, but it was a time of economic prosperity, marked by cassette tapes and far less hatred of America, compared to what is seen today.

A time when President Donald Trump was not a racist:

With this weekend’s news that alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein somehow found a way to hang himself while in a Manhattan jail, coming after a pair of shootings last weekend that was followed by a week of unhinged media speculation trying to pin the deaths on President Trump, Americans were more than ready to wade through a less complicated time in America — a time when we still accepted the science of being a man and a woman.

Surprising or not, Trump seemed to dominate here too, as seen in the responses to the aforementioned hashtag:




Millennials may want to be excused at this point, unless they have a curiosity of what came before them — they haven’t exhibited much of a desire to see beyond themselves up until this point.

Here’s a sampling of other responses that serve as a trip down memory lane for those who were around back then.

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