CNN panel gets testy over Pelosi-Trump war, slurred video: ‘How low is the bar here?’

Nancy Pelosi 3 things two fingers drunk slurred words
Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi said “there are 3 things” she wanted to point out while holding up 2 fingers. (screenshot)

CNN is once again outraged at President Trump. This time, the media wing of the Democratic Party is furious that Trump shared a video of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi looking drunk while stuttering and slurring her words at a press conference.

Pelosi, 79, speaks with a lisp. But it gets more pronounced when she’s tired or confused, which is why there are countless videos of her sounding like she slurs her words; this is not a new observation.

Former Trump campaign aide David Urban says the president shouldn’t have shared the video. But he also doesn’t understand the left-wing hysteria over a video in light of all the fake news the left has relentlessly spouted about Trump.

“Look, I don’t think anybody should be sharing videos that are deceptively edited,” Urban said. “It’s not a good look.”

CNN’s Democrative operative: ‘How low is the bar here?’

CNN commentator Bakari Sellers  — a former vice chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party — says everyone should condemn the video.

“We’re giving out props for individuals who say the president is wrong for sharing deceptively edited videos,” Sellers said. “How low is the bar here? Thank you for showing up, David.”

(Source: CNN)

Reminder: Pelosi has repeatedly called Trump a Russian asset

Keep in mind that Pelosi has repeatedly called a sitting U.S. president a traitor and a Russian asset. Earlier this week, Pelosi also said Trump aides need to stage an “intervention” on him.

For the past three years, Democrats have also accused President Trump of suffering from dementia. These are the same people that write entire “news” stories dissecting Trump’s every Twitter typo and whether he has two scoops of ice cream at dinner.

Naturally, Sellers leaped to Pelosi’s defense and tried to minimize her unacceptable “intervention” comments about the American president.

“I think that what Nancy Pelosi is going off of is what many people say: That the president behaves in a manner which draws some concern,” Sellers stammered.

nancy pelosi drunk senile slur words
Democrat Nancy Pelosi always looks and sound polished and poised. (screenshots)

Former Trump aide: ‘Come on, Bakari! Call Pelosi out!’

That’s when Urban blasted Sellers’ blatant  hypocrisy. “Oh, come on, Bakari!” Urban retorted. “Come on, Bakari! You can call her out. Be brave, Bakari. Be brave and say she shouldn’t have said that.”

Urban continued: “Bakari, just say that Nancy Pelosi shouldn’t have said it either. It’s okay, Bakari. You’ll feel better.”

Sellers then meekly defended Pelosi once again: “You have someone who acts like a petulant child and threw a temper tantrum.”

Pelosi did appear disoriented and confused at the presser

The brouhaha erupted after Pelosi gave a press conference where she sounded drunk, disoriented, and slurred her words. At one point, a confused Pelosi held up two fingers while saying, “there are three things” that she wanted to point out.

President Trump shared a clip of her presser on Twitter and Facebook, where it immediately ignited volcanic backlash. Leftists accused the president of sharing a “doctored” video.

However, the only part of the video that’s “doctored” appears to be a loop where the video repeated Pelosi’s “three things” gaffe to emphasize that she’s holding up two fingers. It does not appear that there is any other editing.

Pelosi has a long history of epic gaffes

Flashback: Remember when Pelosi fixed her dentures and clapped like a seal at Trump’s State of the Union address in February 2019?

nancy pelosi sotu reading FU clap
Hyena Nancy Pelosi spotlighted her pettiness when she read during Trump’s SOTU and followed up with an F-U seal clap.

Reminder: Pelosi claims George W. Bush is still president

Also: Remember in 2017 when Pelosi said Bush was still president of the United States? George W. Bush hasn’t been president since 2009.

CNN staged fake protest to push pro-Islam narrative

As for “doctored” videos, CNN is living in a wall-to-wall glass house. In June 2017, CNN produced a fake news story by staging an an anti-ISIS protest by Muslims one day after the London Bridge terrorist attacks.

CNN presumably shot the propaganda video to push its narrative that most Muslims oppose ISIS. The only problem is, CNN and other media then tried to pass off the staged protest as a legitimate demonstration.

Producer admits CNN pushes the Russia hoax for ratings

And don’t forget this: A CNN producer admitted that the left-wing network was aggressively pushing the bogus Trump-Russia hoax because the fake story line is a ratings cash cow for the flailing cable news network.

That’s what veteran CNN producer John Bonifield admitted on camera to James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas in a shocking video entitled “American Pravda.”

“Our ratings are incredible right now! Trump is good for business.

It’s a business. All the nice cutesy little ‘ethics’ that used to get talked about in journalism school, you’re just like, ‘That’s adorable. That’s adorable.’ This is a business.

“I haven’t seen any good evidence to show the president committed a crime. It’s mostly bullsh*t. We don’t have any giant proof.”

And don’t forget the “hands up, don’t shoot” hoax.

CNN’s nonstop promotion of that false narrative triggered mass riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri. Thanks CNN!

Leftists attack black Marine vet who vows to fight socialism the way he fought terrorists

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