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Jesse Watters reads mom’s critical texts on-air and it’s hilarious

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If you’ve never seen Fox News host Jesse Watters’ opinionated liberal-leaning mother weigh in on his show performance, prepare to chuckle. Every so often Watters reads the very mom-like personal texts on air, cracking up his co-host and presumably ‘The Five’ audience.

For starters, unlike many on the right, including her own son, mom seems to believe that President Donald Trump’s former campaign adviser Roger Stone is a criminal mastermind who deserved to be indicted Friday by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“Do not minimize Stone’s actions,” she wrote in a text message to her son following the momentous indictment and arrest earlier that morning of the president’s former adviser.

Watters had presumably either been defending Stone or getting ready to defend him. He wouldn’t be alone. A bevy of seasoned commentators and experts have blasted the indictment, which they have rightly noted cover process crimes versus actual acts of criminality.

“He used your forum – and please remember that you do not have a law degree,” the text by Watters’ mom continued, presumably in reference to Fox News, where Stone’s previously spoken.

Watch him read this and other texts below on “The Five”:

“Stop sparring and yelling at Juan — you are making Dana cringe,” another text read.

Watters and his other conservative co-hosts — Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perino — frequently spar with liberal co-host Juan Williams over his condescending and sometimes insane declarations.

When the president handed out his “Fake News Awards” early last year, for instance, Williams said that the “lifetime achievement award” for “fake news” ought to go to him, not the media.

“This guy makes up more stuff, and he should be crowned the fountainhead of fake news: Obamacare is dead, President Obama is wiretapping Trump Tower. How about this one: the biggest inaugural crowd ever,” he proudly boasted, thinking himself in the right.

Last month a judge ruled that Obamacare is unconstitutional, evidence shows that the Obama administration did run a spying operation on the president’s election campaign and, according to The Washington Times, the president’s inauguration was “a record-breaker for live online video streaming to phones, computers and digital devices.”

Nice try, though.

Because of Williams’ always-dissenting viewpoint, him and Watters lock horns all the time.

Here’s one example from last October:

Dovetailing back to the texts by Watters’ mom, here’s what she wrote next: “Do your research about border security — you don’t sound like you have any facts! And, you look tired — after a vacation?”

Amazingly enough, she sees eye-to-eye with Williams about border security. It’s ironic since he tends to be the one devoid of facts. It’s almost as if he’s allergic to them.

Here’s her last text: “Good recovery on the gay march comment.”

This had clearly been in reference to something Watters had said earlier on the show. His mom frequently “interrupts” the show to text him with criticism over everything he says — and sometimes even criticism over things he never actually said!

Case in point:



Watters enjoys reading some of her zanier texts on air from time to time. They’ve become a much anticipated and much appreciated part of the show.

Here’s social media’s reaction to his latest “Mom Texts”:


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