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Bannon says Avenatti has good chance at presidential bid because of his one big advantage

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Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has admitted that creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti stands a reasonable chance of winning the Democrat presidential nomination and perhaps even becoming the president one day. Why? Because of the loudmouth attorney’s “fearlessness.”

“He’s got a fearlessness, and he’s a fighter. I think he will go through a lot of this field if he decides to stick with it like [inaudible],” he said Friday during an appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

“Now, I don’t happen to think a professional politician [will make it], because I think we’re in a new age. I don’t think a professional politician is going to be there at the end of the day. I’ve always said it’s going to be somebody like Oprah or Avenatti, or somebody that’s more media savvy is going to be there.”

Bannon issued this declaration after Maher asked him his thoughts on potential future Democrat nominees, including failed 2016 candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. The former Breitbart executive replied by arguing that Sanders would have won the Democrat nomination had he been more like Avenatti.

“If Bernie Sanders had an ounce of Avenatti’s fearlessness, he would have been the Democratic nominee and we would’ve had a much tougher time,” he said.

Listen to the whole discussion below:

During an interview over the summer, the populist firebrand echoed this same point.

“If Bernie Sanders would have been more confrontational and had more stones, he would have been the nominee and we would have had a real fight with Donald Trump in the run-up to … ’16, not Hillary Clinton,”  he said in June to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria.

Unlike Avenatti, Sanders tends to be soft-spoken and passive. When a duo of Black Lives Matter radicals rushed the stage during a presidential rally three years ago, Sanders let them take over.


Avenatti has never backed down from anyone or anything, choosing instead to be a loud and oftentimes belligerent warrior of the so-called “resistance.” What remains unclear is whether he does indeed plan to run for the presidency come 2020.

While he’s abstained from officially announcing his candidacy, his rhetoric has been that of a man who intends to run. When a non-scientific poll found that a plurality of Americans oppose the idea of him running, for instance, he lashed out:

Interestingly, that’s the exact same point that Bannon hinted at Friday — that Democrats don’t stand a chance at regaining the White House unless they stop nominating “professional politician[s]” and start nominating veritable mavericks … even if said mavericks are arguably as dumb as a rock.

Vivek Saxena


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