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Anti-Trump zealot rams into Trump’s supporter’s car then nearly runs him over, media silent

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The same hypocritical media that have been complaining all week about being heckled by the president’s supporters have been dead silent about what happened in Massachusetts, where on Monday a left-wing zealot purposefully rammed her car into a Trump supporter’s vehicle.

According to local media, Taunton resident Chloe Wright, 25, grew so angry at seeing a pro-Trump bumper stick on the victim’s car that she honked at him like a maniac, proceeded to call him a racist (of course) and then rammed her vehicle into his. Afterward she sped off like a scofflaw.

“I could hear her screaming out of the car or something, so I thought man maybe something’s wrong with my car,” the victim, who preferred not to be identified lest Wright track him down to his home, told local station WBZ, describing how the altercation began. “I get out, [and] all of a sudden I hear, ‘you’re racist,’ a bunch of cuss words.”

“The first thing she said when I came out of the car was ‘Did you vote for Trump?'” he added. “And I was like, ‘Yeah, what of it?’ And that was pretty much what triggered this. It was like nonstop.”

It was also dangerous. After Wright rammed her vehicle into the backside of Wright’s car, she then clipped his door, almost driving over him in the process. “Her tire was right next to my foot. That could have ended really bad,” he explained.

All this because the victim had the audacity to be among the 60+ million Americans of various races and religions who voted for President Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Yet as of Thursday morning, neither The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post nor CNN, among others, had reported this story. They were too busy accusing Trump of “promoting a ‘hate movement’ against the American press,” as Brian Stelter of CNN has been putting it.

Why were the media accusing Trump of this? Because his supporters have been heckling CNN Chief White House correspondent and known left-wing propagandist Jim Acosta at the president’s rallies.

Newsflash to Stelter: There’s a drastic difference between being heckled and being assaulted, ran out of restaurants or threatened. And what’s telling is how silent the “woe is me” media have been about these acts of actual violence, not that this behavior is anything new.

As recently noted by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, the media “downplayed violence against Trump supporters during the 2016 campaign” and “only bothered to cover the mass shooting of Republican congresspeople for a couple of weeks.”

And now that Trump supporters are almost being killed, they’re still remaining silent.

The good news is that Wright has been charged with “assault with a deadly weapon.” The bad news is she’s not the only anti-Trump zealot out there. Not by a long shot.

Vivek Saxena


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