Watch Trump supporters boot white nationalist thugs from rally. They were having none of it.

You’ll never hear this from the liberal mainstream media, but during a counter-protest Saturday in Louisville, Kentucky, supporters of the president reportedly booted a group of alleged white nationalist thugs and Klansmen who had attempted to join the event.


The Trump-supporting protesters were counter-protesting a group of radical left-wing activists who’ve been rallying to demand that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement be abolished.

“Occupy ICE has hosted an ongoing protest outside Louisville’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement office since Monday as part of a national demonstration against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies,” The Courier-Journal reported.

The Trump-aligned protesters showed up hoping to remind the Occupy ICE rallygoers that not every American supports their radical agenda to abolish ICE.  A 69 percent majority of registered voters in fact oppose abolishing ICE, according to a recent Harvard-Harris poll.

A majority of Americans likewise support the president’s plan to secure the borders and put a permanent halt to illegal immigration.

This video footage will likely never appear in the media — and will instead be buried deeper than a coal mine — because it belies the left-wing mainstream media’s narrative about Trump supporters.

The narrative touted by everyone from CNN to MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post, among others, has been that Trump supporters are white supremacists and racists who hate all minorities.

Many Democrats buy into this lie, sadly, and even the fact that many Trump supporters are themselves minorities hasn’t been enough to convince them otherwise. But could footage showing proud Trump supporters booting Klansmen from a protest do the trick?

Maybe, maybe not …

Okay, likely, not.

Vivek Saxena


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