House Dems scramble on how to hire Parkland students for summer in effort to mold budding activists

House Democrats are inviting student survivors of the Valentine’s Day shooting in Parkland, Florida, to work on Capital Hill to better indoctrinate them to become anti-gun activists.

“I would be thrilled if a significant number of them came up here and spent the summer helping to learn the system better so they will be even more effective advocates going forward,” Florida Congressman Ted Deutch, told NBC News.

David Hogg Emma Gonzalez
Anti-Second Amendment student activists David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez.

Deutch and liberal lawmakers Joe Crowley, Linda Sanchez, and Mike Thompson have sent letters to their Democratic colleagues urging them to hire anti-Second Amendment students from the Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School.

“We think it would be a great experience for them to be on the Hill to see exactly how things operate — or doesn’t, to some degree — but also to have time with these very special young people that have experienced something that none of us ever want to have experienced and I think we can learn from each other,” said N.Y. Rep. Crowley.

As BizPac Review reported, David Hogg has emerged as a leading anti-gun student activist from the Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School. Hogg, 17, has launched a series of boycotts targeting corporations that either support the Second Amendment or do business with pro-2A companies.

Hogg has even called for a boycott of the state of Florida until guns are outlawed in his home state, even though such a boycott will only hurt the bartenders and waitresses whose livelihoods depend on tourism.

Keep in mind that California has among the strictest gun-control laws in the United States, but that didn’t stop an illegal alien — a 7-time convicted felon who had been deported 5 times — from gunning down Kate Steinle in 2015, when Barack Obama was president.

Kate Steinle was gunned down by an illegal alien in California, which has the strictest gun-control laws in the U.S. (Facebook)
Kate Steinle was gunned down by an illegal alien in California, which has the strictest gun-control laws in the U.S. (Facebook)

One Parkland high student who doesn’t need summer-job pity handouts is David Hogg’s classmate, Kyle Kashuv, who was ranked No. 1 in his graduating class.

Kashuv’s classmates (the ones he crushed academically) responded by threatening to boycott their own high school graduation because Kyle is valedictorian.

So it looks like Hogg & Co. are not only trying to squelch Kyle’s Second Amendment right to bear arms, but his First Amendment right to free speech.

Meanwhile, this is what Hogg is up to: tweeting videos of himself eating a muffin and bleating platitudes about violence in an empty parking lot.

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