First lady fights back with scathing rebuke over plagiarism attacks, as her popularity rockets

Melania Trump’s communications director Stephanie Grisham dismissed the mainstream media reports attacking the first lady for “plagiarizing” parts of a 2009 FTC booklet for her “Be Best” anti-bullying campaign.

“Some media have chosen to take a day meant to promote kindness and positive efforts on behalf of children, to instead lob baseless accusations towards the First Lady and her new initiatives,” Grisham remarked in a statement. “I encourage members of the media to Be Best in their own professions.”

Melania Trump is being bullied by the Trump-bashing media mob for promoting an anti-bullying campaign.

The brouhaha erupted after Trump-hating reporters claimed that parts of the Be Best anti-bullying booklet were similar to a 2009 FTC booklet that gave tips on how to talk to children about cyber-bullying. If the instructions are similar, maybe it’s because the same tips that were espoused by the U.S. government in 2009 apply today.

Mrs. Trump never claimed that she wrote the Be Best booklet herself, but the liberal media bullied her for promoting an anti-bullying campaign in their ongoing proxy wars against President Trump.

Since Robert Mueller’s fruitless investigation is crumbling, and the public is losing interest in porn star Stormy Daniels, and Trump has won international praise for brokering peace talks between North and South Korea, the media are launching petty tangential attacks against anyone associated with him.

The attacks against Melania are especially bizarre, since she does not make political statements or inflammatory remarks.

The irony of the media mass-bullying Melania as she promotes an anti-bullying campaign is apparently lost on Trump haters. Despite these hypocritical media spasms, Mrs. Trump’s popularity among Americans has soared in recent months.

According to a new CNN poll, Melania Trump’s popularity has surged to 57 percent in May, up 10 points from January. Interestingly, Melania’s popularity among Democrats has rocketed 15 points since January, while her support among women has climbed 13 percent, to 54 percent.

If the media keep this up, they’ll soon bolster Melania’s popularity to record highs. Why? Because most Americans (not the liberal media pundits, but normal Americans) love underdogs and staunchly defend anyone they feel is being unfairly maligned.

The first lady with the highest popularity ratings in history was Laura Bush, who scored a stunning 85 percent approval rating in 2005 despite the unpopularity of her husband, George W. Bush. Like Melania, Mrs. Bush was an understated, elegant first lady.

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