Scaramucci: ‘I’m confident enough to go on the record’ … here’s who’s ‘creating chaos’ in the White House

Anthony Scaramucci continues to open up about his short-lived time in the Trump administration.

The former White House Communications Director criticized the leadership style of Chief of Staff John Kelly on Sunday, telling Fox & Friends the retired Marine Corps. General is “creating chaos” in the government.

“Look, I’m on the naughty list for right now,” Scaramucci said, in reference to his being prohibited from entering the White House without special approval, The Hill reports.

“I’ve had 54 years where I’ve not gotten coal in my stocking. I’m pretty confident by Christmas I should be able to figure this out,” the billionaire financier joked.

He continued, accusing Kelly of fomenting “chaos” by attempting to use a “command and control” leadership approach in a “civilian” organization.

John Kelly. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images).

“At the end of the day I’m a pretty honest guy and I’m telling the truth about a situation inside the White House. And I know general Kelly is trying to bring order to the White House, but he’s actually creating chaos because it’s a civilian organization.

“So when you have a civilian organization you have to motivate and you have to run it very differently than a rank-and-file command and control organization.”

Scaramucci alleged that “morale is low” within the administration because of Kelly.

(Photo: Screen Capture).

“I think he’s making a mistake doing that. And I also know that the morale is quite low inside the White House. So we can pretend that it isn’t. There’s a lot of people that will go unsourced. I’m confident enough to go on the record. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a New York person.”

He also denied the notion that his criticism of Kelly is motivated by hard feelings over his dismissal last year, and said he wants to help the White House “lance the boil” so that “we can fix the problem.”

Scaramucci was fired last year after a 10-day stint at the White House upon Kelly’s appointment to Chief of Staff and following the publication of a vulgarity-laced rant he made to a New Yorker reporter.

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