Disturbing video from inside Parkland high school shows the horror when evil strikes

At Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, a truly horrendous school shooting injured “20 to 50” innocent civilians and reportedly killed “many.” Two have been confirmed dead after the incident.

The horror of being faced with an attacker embodying true evil cannot easily be fathomed by many of us. In order to put a human face to this horrific situation, several images have emerged from Parkland that help us grasp the terror and the tragedy.

Before viewing such a harrowing video from inside the school, it is best to see the shooting from the perspective of those whose loved ones were inside and potentially caught in the crossfire.

An image from the Associated Press showing a woman with a cross marked on her head for “Ash Wednesday” shows how life can turn horrific for any of us.


A video of children running from the school shows the panic and fear.

Perhaps worst of all was an Instagram captured from inside the school. Caution: It is disturbing for content and language.

This is truly one of the darkest days in American history. On Ash Wednesday, a day when the world should be filled with hope, a nation is grieving and feeling the loss of yet more schoolchildren. It is imperative we act to prevent as many tragedies of this kind from happening again.

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Kyle Becker


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