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MSNBC’s ‘expert’ compares Trump to Mao and Stalin because he called press the ‘enemy of the people’

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Sometimes, words are just words.

Brian Klaas, who describes himself as an “expert on democracy, authoritarianism, American politics, US foreign policy, political violence, and elections,” just tried to associate President Trump as essentially one step away from the most murderous dictators in history, all based on a phrase the president used to describe the media.

During Thursday’s edition of “Morning Joe,” Klaas tried to use Trump’s tagging of the media as an “enemy of the people” to supposedly “connect the dots” to none other than Mao Zedong of China and Joseph Stalin of the U.S.S.R.

“So Brian,, isn’t this part of a pattern of — of, you know, an authoritarian figure looking for ways to take down the different bulwarks against the expression of power?” asked New York Times columnist Nick Confessore. “How does this fit in to your argument?”

“Yeah, I mean, it’s completely parallel, right?” responded Klaas.

“So you have going after intimidating critical media — that’s what authoritarian regimes do. Trump has not only talked about libel laws but he’s also talked about revoking media licenses for critical reporting. He’s called the press a stain on America and the enemy of the people. And people throughout history have used that last term are Mao and Stalin. I mean, it’s not hard to connect the dots here, right? Any time somebody criticizes the president, he wants to litigate or destroy the First Amendment when in fact, he is responsible for upholding it. And there’s no real parallel in modern American history of somebody who has tried to do this in a systematic way on a near daily basis.”

What’s next? Comparing Trump to Hitler because neither drank alcohol?

Since the majority of Americans don’t trust the media either, are we all “totalitarians” too?

Might want to consider turning in that “expert” card, Mr. Klaas.

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