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Kellyanne Conway: If ABC’s Brian Ross worked for me, he’d be fired

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Brian Ross sent America into a tailspin on Friday with his epic misreporting, and Kellyanne Conway is not going to let him off the hook easily.

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway. AP Photo/Matt Rourke


Ross inadvertently sunk the stock market by reporting that former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn–who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI–was prepared to testify that then-candidate Trump ordered him to contact Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

But Ross and ABC later clarified that the instruction to contact Russia–in order to discuss ISIS–took place after the election, making such a meeting standard protocol.

Ross and ABC attempted to perform damage control.

ABC’s cleanup included suspending Ross for four weeks without pay.

But Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway said that wasn’t punishment enough for what was arguably this year’s biggest “fake news” story.

“If Brian Ross worked for me, and I was a private employer for many years, it would not be four weeks of unpaid suspension for a guy making seven figures to lie on the air,” Conway told Fox Business Network on Monday.

She went on to say:

“It would be complete termination because, just hypothetically speaking, because he did move markets, not because he’s Brian Ross, but because he was talking about President Trump, who’s the market mover here.”

Conway was far from the only person to assert Ross got off easy. The President himself took to Twitter to suggest investors sue ABC over the money they lost after the blow to the stock market.


And Americans across social media are calling for Brian Ross’s head.


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