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Off-duty cop pulls out a gun and fires at 2 thieves with one arm … he had his BABY in the other

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An off-duty cop in Brazil fought off two armed robbers at a pharmacy while holding his young child in his arms, The Independent reports.

Sergeant Rafael Souza had just entered the place of business with his wife and child when two men wearing hoods and wielding guns burst in. One of the men, Jefferson Alves, 24, pointed his gun at the policeman, who promptly drew his weapon and opened fire.

Souza hit Alves at close range, knocking him out. The police officer’s wife took cover as her husband engaged the assailants with his child in one arm.

As seen in the pharmacy’s footage, Souza handed the child over to his wife before shooting the second robber, identified as 22-year-old Italo Creato.

Off-duty cop Rafael Souza as he engaged two assailants who attempted to rob a Brazilian pharmacy at gunpoint. (Source: Screen capture/CCTV).

The shooting took place at a pharmacy called Bifarma, located at the Praça Castelo Branco shopping center, about 40 miles outside São Paulo.

Paramedics were dispatched to attend to the wounded criminals, but they were pronounced dead on the scene.

Souza, who belongs to the 49th Metropolitan Battalion in São Paulo, said he shot first because he believed the men would have fired if he had identified himself as a policeman.

Souza handed his young child over to his wife before mortally shooting the second assailant. (Source: Screen capture/CCTV).

Forensics investigators are still analyzing the weapons seized from the dead criminals.


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